65 Things to do in Utah County

Utah County is more than our home, it is a great place for families to adventure. Utah County is also close to SLC, so you can hop over the point of the mountain and find plenty to do, too. We decided to put together a huge list of things to do in Utah County. That way you can find ideas that will fit your family!

This post is divided into categories to help you find the Utah county activities you are looking for more easily!

Utah County has some beautiful spots to explore.


Utah County has some of the best playgrounds. We have actually written a whole post about the best parks in Utah County. You should check it out here (there are almost 20 parks on that list). But here are our top 5!

Harvey Park


Utah County has a lot of great museums, and the best part is that most of them are FREE. BYU has six museums on its campus that are worth visiting, plus there are many more.


Roots of Knowledge


Museum of Ancient Life


Utah County is home to Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon, and both of these locations have beautiful hikes and trails to enjoy. These are our favorite hikes in Utah County.

Dripping Rock Trail

Fun Food

Utah County has a ton of amazing places to enjoy food. Honestly, we could make tons and tons of lists, but Utah Valley has a ton of places with great desserts. We are going to share a few of our favorite spots to enjoy a treat.

Brooker’s Founding Flavors

Other Fun

Here are some fun adventures that don’t fit into a category, but are definitely worth visiting in Utah County.

Neighborhood Art Center

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