Lehi Legacy Center Pool

Lehi City has two different pools. There is the Lehi Outdoor Pool, which we love for the fun slides. There is also a pool at the Lehi Legacy Center. The Lehi Legacy Center Pool is indoor with a small outdoor splash pad area for the younger kids.

Lehi Legacy Center Pool 9

When our boys were little they were terrified of the Legacy Center Pool because there is a large bucket that dumps on the toys every 5 minutes or so. If your children are scared of loud noises, or the water, this might not be the pool for you. We took a hiatus from visiting this pool for a few years, but when we went back this year, the boys loved the bucket. They would stand right under it and wait to get soaked. Times had definitely changed. The water around this toy is shallow so all ages can play here.

Lehi Legacy Center Pool 3
This is the big bucket. There is a slide, and places to climb and squirt. The water is only a foot or two deep here.
Lehi Legacy Center Pool 1
When the bucket dumps, there is a huge shower of water.

There are a few fun things at this pool other than the dumping bucket. One is the large slide that goes partially outside and then back in before you fall into the pool. There is also a lazy river that goes half inside and half outside. During the winter, the lazy river is a little smaller and takes a slightly different route so that it is all indoors.

Lehi Legacy Center Pool 4
The entrance to the slide is inside. But it slides on the outside.
Lehi Legacy Center Pool 5
Our boys loved this slide!
Lehi Legacy Center Pool 8
This is part of the lazy river (the inside part).

The best part of the Lehi Legacy Center Pool is the toddler area. There are fun slides and even baby bouncy swings for the smallest kiddos. The water is only about 6 inches deep so it is a great place to bring little kids. Right next to this play area, is an outdoor splash area where the little kids can go squirt each other, or play underneath the water dripping down. Both of these areas are for ages 5 and smaller.

Lehi Legacy Center Pool 6
These little slides are just right for toddlers.
Lehi Legacy Center Pool 10
These baby jumper swings are the best. My boys have all loved them when they were tiny.
Lehi Legacy Center Pool 7
This is the only part of the pool that is outside, and it is really a separate splash pad.

The large pool is only 3 1/2 feet deep, which is great for my boys who think swimming in deep water is scary! There is also a lap pool, but we didn’t spend anytime over there.

Lehi Legacy Center Pool 2
The pool is only 3 1/2 feet deep at the deepest parts so the big boys were able to play.
Lehi Legacy Center Pool 11
This is the lap pool, and there is a basketball hoop, but we never venture there.

We also love that this pool is indoor so we can go swimming year-round, and in the summer that means no sunscreen! The cost is very affordable, too. Check their website for current prices and hours.

Try the Lehi Legacy Center Pool this winter. Your kids will be so glad that they could go swimming when it was snowing outside. Or put it on your list for next summer. It is definitely a great pool!

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