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Scout Falls 14

Scout Falls is a nice little waterfall on the Timpooneke Trail to the summit of Mount Timpanogos. We didn’t venture all the way to the summit, but chose to make Scout Falls our final destination. The roundtrip distance to Scout Falls is around 3 miles depending on how you plan to do it. We’ll go over both ways in this post.


The Timpooneke Trailhead is located about 8 miles up American Fork Canyon at the Timpooneke Campground. There is a $6 fee to use this canyon, which you’ll pay at the ranger station east of Highland City. There is a trailhead restroom and a pretty good sized parking lot, too.

Scout Falls 1
You will see these signs at the start of the trailhead.
Scout Falls 2
There are quite a few trails that branch different ways. Make sure you are on the Timpooneke trail and you’ll end up at Scout Falls.

The trail starts out nice and shady and spends about half the time in the sun and half in the trees. It starts out mildly steep and becomes increasingly steep, though it is never what you’d call strenuous. There are plenty of rocks, roots, and even a few wet places in the trail, though, so take your time and hold hands with toddlers. There were a lot of people on this trail, too, and many had dogs. We were happy to see that the owners were pretty responsible, as we only passed one “pile” along the way.

Scout Falls 3
The trail is only partially shaded.
Scout Falls 6
There are a few sections through the shady trees which feel nice on a hot day.
Scout Falls 4
We hiked in early September so the leaves were just beginning to change. It was beautiful!
Scout Falls 22
We came to a few stream crossings. In the fall they weren’t very tricky, but in the spring they might be a little wetter.
Scout Falls 26
We enjoyed the mountain scenery on this hike.

There are two ways to approach the falls, which are about 100 yards off the main trail. One is short, steep, and dangerous, and the other is longer, but much safer. The steeper route leaves the main trail at a hairpin switchback. A large log blocks the turnoff, and you’ll have to step over it. This was at a distance of 1.1 miles from the trailhead. After you pass the log, the trail goes about 50 yards and turns right and straight up. This isn’t a good way to take little ones, and part of the danger is someone rolling a rock down on top of you. We climbed this way because we didn’t know better, but coming down would be worse. After a precipitous climb of 75 more yards, you’ll come out at the base of Scout Falls.

Scout Falls 24
You will see this log we’re sitting on as you come to a switchback. We don’t recommend climbing over it. Instead head to the right up the trail.
Scout Falls 9
Soon after you cross the log (if you choose to go that way), you will begin a steep climb up this rocky trail.
The trail is very steep and rocks can slide down and hurt those behind you. Do you see the people at the top? That is how steep the climb is.
The trail is very steep and rocks can slide down and hurt those behind you. Do you see the people at the top? That is how steep the climb is.

The safe route to the falls has you making one more switchback after the first big log. This takes you another third of a mile up the Timpanooke Trail to another hairpin turn almost identical to the first. You’ll jump over a similar log and continue over to the waterfall. This is much flatter and easier, but there is still a minor obstacle. You’ll have to climb a five foot dropoff that comes down through some tree roots. This is much safer and easier to navigate, but still a bit tricky.

Scout Falls 21
Pass the first log, and take the trail that is a little longer to avoid those falling rocks.
Scout Falls 23
You will cross a few bridges between the two logs.
Scout Falls 20
Then you will come to this junction. If you go around the corner and head right, you will continue the climb to Timp. This is where you need to cross the logs and walk just a short distance to the waterfall.
Scout Falls 19
You will need to climb up these tree roots to the waterfall.
Scout Falls 17
There are some steep drop-offs so hold on to your little ones!
After you climb up the tree roots, you will walk along the edge and toward Scout Falls.
After you climb up the tree roots, you will walk along the edge and toward Scout Falls.

Scout Falls isn’t a huge waterfall, but it’s still very beautiful. There are two little falls cascading over a very mossy mountainside. The falls were in the shade, and should be all the time, because of their location, so it was the perfect place to end a hot hike!  There isn’t a great place to sit and rest here because the rocks are wet and there is a drop-off on the other side, but we loved putting our hats in the waterfall and feeling the cool spray on our face.

Scout Falls 11
There were tons of people on this trail (it was Labor Day), so we were able to get a family picture.
Scout Falls 13
You can walk right up to the waterfall and cool off!
Scout Falls 12
We enjoyed Scout Falls a lot!

We’d rate this trail as moderate. The distance isn’t bad, but it’s somewhat steep and the obstacles make it a bit more difficult. It you’ve done our Easy Waterfall hikes and you’d like more, try Scout Falls in American Fork Canyon.

Scout Falls 8
The views are amazing on this hike!
Scout Falls 5
The trail is very beautiful!
Scout Falls 15
Scout Falls is a nice little waterfall! We can’t wait to try it in the Spring.

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