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Rock Canyon Park just got a new playground (2023), and we realized that we have never written about this famous Provo park. Rock Canyon Park is located near the LDS Provo Temple, BYU, and the mountains. There is a lot to do here for everyone.

Rock Canyon Park is right next to the beautiful mountains.


The playground at Rock Canyon Park is set up in three areas. The first area has a standard playground with slides and ladders. The next area has a climbing structure and some ziplines. And the final area has spinning toys and one big swing. We felt that this park had something for all of our boys to do. The older boys loved the spinning toys and climbing area, and our youngest really loved the slides and zipline. We like the nice cushiony flooring that is part of the new playground.

This playground has three big slides and lots of places to run and climb.
Our boys enjoyed exploring this playground.
This is the climbing structure. We turned it into an obstacle course.
The Ziplines are always popular.
This is the only swing at the park.
The ground is nice and soft.
The spinning toys are fun.
Each area is connected by paved trails, so it is fairly accessible.


One of the big things at Rock Canyon Park in Provo is the huge grassy area. You will often find people playing all types of sports in here. There are hills that slide down into the bowl, which makes this a popular park for sledding. You can sled down these hills right into the wide open field.

Look at this huge field!

Other Amenities

There are restrooms available at Rock Canyon Park. There are also picnic tables and pavilions in different areas around the park. Since this park has been around for a long time, there are large trees with picnic tables around the edges on the west side. You can also walk on a walking trail around the park.

There are a few pavilions around the playground.
On the west side you will find big trees and picnic tables.

One of the reasons we love this park is the beautiful view of the mountains. It is such a lovely setting and makes for a wonderful spot to have a family picnic and play together on the playground. We hope you enjoy Rock Canyon Park in Provo, too. If you are looking for other awesome parks in Utah County, check out our list of the best Utah County Parks.

Rocky Canyon Park is a great family spot.

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