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A new hang out place for teens just opened up in Lehi. The Life Shop is a new business on the corner of Main Street and Center Street, and its mission is to provide a place for teens to come hang out, and a venue to learn new life skills. We visited the Life Shop on opening night and got a sneak peek into what this fun teen center looks like.

Life Shop is right on the corner of Center and Main, so it’s easy to find in Lehi.

Life Shop hosts different “shops” daily and these activities are for teens only (grades 7-12). Teens can check the calendar and see what is available before heading over to play. There are a bunch of different options including board games, video games, skateboarding, poker, crafts, RC car races and more. Life Shop rearranges their shop based on the activity (“shop”) that is happening that evening.

Our boys jumped right into some video games.
They wished they could race the little cars, but that is only on special nights.
It was a great social activity as our boys met a few new people.
There were basketball hoops all around the Life Shop.

We had a little taste of all the activities on the night we attended, and we can say that our teens loved it. They tried everything and they stayed a long time hanging out with friends and having fun. There are so many different types of activities to keep teens busy and having fun and meeting new friends.

We like the idea of providing a clean, safe environment for teens to come and hang out. We also like that they offer different classes to encourage teens to learn life skills like how to change a tire, what a credit score is, and even some basic handyman skills.

The most popular “shop” is definitely skate night.
We had fun checking out all the different activities.
We are also a big fan of the board games and puzzle tables. That’s what we like to do at home!
There is a huge variety of activities for teens to enjoy.

It costs $10/hour to visit the Life Shop. They also have memberships, and discounts for purchasing multiple hours at once. For more details on what events are happening, visit the Life Shop website. Before sending you teen, make sure to fill out the waiver. This helps save time at the door!

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