24 Family-Friendly Activities in Davis County

We love exploring Utah and finding all the fun adventures for family. This list is all of the things to do in Davis County to help you plan a day or a week exploring this part of Utah. Davis County is near Salt Lake, so it’s also easy to venture up and check out some of these amazing places when visiting Utah’s capitol city.

Davis County is a great place to spend the day.

1. Visit One of Davis County’s Playgrounds

There are a lot of great parks in this part of Utah. We have a post about 18 awesome playgrounds and parks to check out in Davis County. Some of our favorites include:

For the full list, click here.

Bountiful City Park

2. Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area

One of our favorite activities in Farmington is to visit the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area. This is a simple drive where you can see lots of birds and sometimes some wildlife. There are also spots to get out and walk around. If you are a bird or wildlife lover, this place is for you.

We love looking for birds at Farmington Bay.

3. Eccles Wildlife Center & Nature Trail

If you visit Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area, you need to include the Eccles Wildlife Center. This small center has displays about the local birds and wildlife. There are also a few different trails to walk. We love the nature trail that walks along the water and we see birds, turtles, frogs, muskrats, deer, foxes, and more. It is a great spot for Spring adventures.

The Eccles Center Nature Trail is beautiful.

4. SeaQuest Aquarium

The SeaQuest Aquarium is a lot of fun because it is so hands on. There are lots of different animals to feed and pet. You will want to purchase tokens to participate in these activities on top of your admission price. We also love the animal interactions where you are allowed inside the cages with the otters, porcupine, and other animals. If you have the Get Out Pass, this location is on that pass and covers the admission cost (Tokens are extra).

We love that SeaQuest is so interactive.

5. Layton Vietnam Memorial Wall

Layton City has a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall that is found in Washington DC. This wall has the names of all of the fallen US solders during the Vietnam War. This is a great stop for history lovers, or on special holidays to remember those who gave their lives for our country.

The wall looks just like the Washington DC wall, but built on a smaller scale.

6. Farmington Pond

Farmington Pond is a super fun place to fish. It is also right along the Farmington Creek trail and close by the Big Foot Statue. It would be a great spot for a picnic on a nice summer afternoon.

Farmington Pond is right next to the mountains.

7. Lagoon Trail

Did you know there was a trail behind Lagoon? This trail is paved, so it’s wheelchair and stroller-friendly. Most of the trail is shady and walks behind the animals at Lagoon.

We love how shady the Lagoon Trail is.

8. Farmington Creek Trail

The Farmington Creek trail can begin near the Lagoon Trail or near Farmington Pond. This trail is also paved and has some fun bridges and tunnels. It would be fun for bikes and scooters, too. This trail is very shady.

Farmington Creek Trail

9. Farmington Creek Waterfall

The Farmington Creek Waterfall is a powerful waterfall in Farmington Canyon (near Farmington Pond). There is a tricky scramble to get to the base of the falls using a rope, but our kids were able to do it. You can see the waterfall from up above if you don’t want to venture down. This hike is easy to moderate and is 3.5 miles roundtrip.

Farmington Creek Waterfall

10. Adams Canyon Lower Falls

Adam’s Canyon Upper Falls is one of the most popular trails in Utah, but many people miss the Lower Falls, which are great for kids. This trail is a little over 1.0 mile roundtrip. The toughest part is the beginning with some switchbacks, but the rest is easy. The waterfall is so worth it!

We like to walk behind Adam’s Canyon Lower Falls.

11. Cross E Ranch

Cross E Ranch is a local farm in North Salt Lake county. They have fun events throughout the year. Our favorites are baby Animal Days in Spring and Fall Festival in the Autumn. We love their family-friendly activities and they have the yummiest apple cider donuts.

Baby Animals at Cross E Ranch

12. Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is a classic thing to do in Davis County. This waterpark and campground have been around for many years, and families visit every summer. The waterpark is a lot of fun and there are extra activities like mini golf, mazes, and climbing walls. Cherry Hill is really great for young kids.

Cherry Hill has a fun splash area, plus some water slides.

13. South Weber Model Railroad

The South Weber Model Railroad has train rides at Canyon Meadows Park on the 3rd Saturdays of the month, usually from March-September. These rides are donation based, so please bring a few dollars to donate. The mini trains circle the park, and are the perfect adventure for train lovers.

Families love the mini train rides.

14. Antelope Island

This is probably our favorite spot in Davis County, and definitely one of our favorite Utah State Parks. Antelope Island is a beautiful place to explore where you can hike, visit the Great Salt Lake, learn about the area, see wildlife (especially bison), and explore a historic ranch. We love spending a half day out at Antelope Island.

You can visit Antelope Island year round.

15. Deuel Creek Waterfall

This is our favorite trail in Davis County, even though Deuel Creek Waterfall is a bit of a long and moderate hike. There are two waterfalls along the way and a rope swing. It is a lovely trail and we had so much fun exploring the area.

This is the final destination of the Deuel Creek hike.

16. Hike the V

The toughest part of this hike is the drive over. We made it in our van, but it is a bumpy road. Then it’s a short walk to the V from the parking area.

You can walk right to the Viewpoint V.

17. Hike the B

The Bountiful B is a short hike. We love getting up close to the large letters on the mountains throughout Utah.

The Bountiful B

18. Layton Heritage Museum

This small museum displays the history of Layton, including the founders of the town. There are old pioneer artifacts and one section that looks like old town Layton. This museum is FREE to visit.

This area is designed to look like historic Layton.

19. Mrs Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory Tours

A fun family activity is to take a tour at the chocolate factory. The tours cost $5, but then $4 are used as a credit to buy candies and chocolates at the end. We loved learning how they create the chocolates and watching the candy makers work. Tours need to be scheduled.

Watching the chocolate makers at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory.

20. USU Botanical Center

The USU Botanical Center has lots of little trails, fishing ponds, and educational displays and buildings. There is a lot to explore here. We have only walked through in the winter, but can’t wait to visit in warmer months.

There are lots of little trails and ponds.

21. Kangaroo Zoo

We live close to the Pleasant Grove Kangaroo Zoo, but they have a location in North Salt Lake, too. This is a fun place for kids to jump and run around. The building is full of bounce houses of all kinds. Kangaroo Zoo is also included on the Get Out Pass.

Our boys love jumping and playing here.

22. Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

There is a nice nature walk at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve. The trail is a boardwalk, so strollers and wheelchairs would work well. There are a few towers where you can climb to overlook the marshy wetlands.

This is a nice hike when everywhere else is covered in snow.

23. Cabelas in Farmington

For a quick and easy indoor adventure, check out the Farmington Cabela’s. There is a fish tank, as well as lots of animals that have been preserved. We loved the bears climbing trees in the store.

There are lots of animals to see at Farmington Cabela’s.

24. Lagoon

Lagoon is a big highlight in Davis County. This is Utah’s amusement park and it is home to some amazing rides. We visit at least once a year, especially since one visit is included on our Get Out Pass (use code “Adventure” to save). Plan to spend the whole day at Lagoon because there is so much to do, even for little kids. They have a great kiddie land.

Lagoon is full of great roller coasters.

25. Hobb’s Reservoir in Layton

We hiked this trail last fall and it quickly became a favorite. The hike is easy and walks along the edge of the pond. It is beautiful and great for families. You could also walk a portion of this trail instead of the full loop.

Hobbs Reservoir

27. Wild Rose Trail

Another new favorite trail in the Davis County area is Wild Rose Trail. This hike is also a spot for mountain biking. The wildflowers are amazing in early summer, and the views are great, too.

Wild Rose Trail

Bonus Idea:

If you feel like a little drive, you can check out Devil’s Slide up the canyon. It is technically in Morgan County, but is just a 30 minute drive from South Weber. The rock formation is so unique.

We think that Davis County is full of adventure. Use these ideas to have a lot of fun as a family in this part of Utah.

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