Cabelas | Lehi, Utah

Today we headed to our favorite store, Cabela’s.  Cabela’s is one of the largest hunting outfitters in the world.  We have visited Cabela’s in Lehi a hundred times because it is a quick, free, animal adventure.  

This huge mountain is covered in so many animals in the middle of the store.

They have a large fish tank that my boys spend at least 10 minutes watching the trout and catfish swim around.  Cabelas has tons of animals to see, but keep in mind that the animals are stuffed (African animals, record moose & elk, bears, all kinds of birds, and much more).  They also have an airplane upstairs.  There is a cafe, but I have never eaten there, although I hear that the food is good.  They also have a sweet shop with candy and delicious fudge.

The large fish tanks are fun for all ages!
We love looking at all the different types of fish in the tanks.
You can look at this mountain all day and spot different animals you hadn’t noticed before.
There are even some African animals on display.
This section is devoted purely to Utah animals.
We walk the entire perimeter of the store to look at all the animals.

If you want to splurge, you can put a quarter in to the fish food machine and feed the fish.  My two big boys love to do this because the fish rush to the food, so you get a good look at them.  You can also spend a few dollars at the Old West shoot out.  This is a bit tricky for little ones because they can’t reach, but if you set them up next to the rifle, they can have a turn shooting at the targets.

We love to spend a quarter and feed the fish.
Our boys don’t know much about shooting, but they like the rifle game anyway.
We set our little ones up on the game so they can pretend to shoot while the big kids take a shot.
We set our little one up on the game so they can pretend to shoot while the big kids take a shot.
The targets have little bullseyes and some of the objects move, which makes the game super fun.

If you are looking for an easy indoor adventure, Cabelas is a great place to go and you don’t have to spend a dime!  We have lots of ideas on free activities throughout Utah.

This Cabela’s in Lehi is located off of the Highland/Alpine exit next to the Traverse Mountain Outlets. There is also a Cabela’s in Farmington that is smaller, but still a fun visit. See if there is a Cabelas near you. Check out their locations here.

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  1. Natalie Ockey

    WOW! We had no idea they did such fun things. We will have to check them out. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Mary

    We love Cabelas too. On Saturday’s they offer free activities for kids that are sometimes really really fun. Also, at Christmas time, on a couple of Saturdays in December, you can get free pictures with Santa. They also do birthday parties for $40 and you get goodie bags, a decorated conference room, and shooting range tokens!

  3. Anonymous

    We really like the room with the talking guide and all the trophy bucks! Also the mountain with the polar bear in the middle is amazing. Is there any North American animal that doesn’t appear on that mountain?