Wear Your Kids Out this Winter in Utah

Don’t you hate those cold winter months when the kids are cooped up inside? They need a place to burn off their energy, but the thermometer is stuck below freezing. We’ve rounded up some great activities for your kids that will get them out of the house AND will wear them out here in Utah. They’re sure to have a blast and sleep well at night!


Airborne has two locations in Utah, one in Lindon and one in Draper. We have visited the Lindon location, but they are very similar. This place is a trampoline obstacle course. There are lots of open trampolines, a dodge ball area, basketball dunking spot, but we loved that their was an obstacle challenge course for kids ages 12 and up. This makes Airborne great for kids of all ages.

Even Mom had a blast at Airborne!

Fly High Adventure Park

Fly High Adventure Park is located in Ogden, and we loved how many fun things there were to do here for all ages. There is dodgeball, tons of different trampoline jumping areas, a few obstacle courses, and a foam pit. This is definitely an adventurous place and fun for everyone.

Fly High is full of adventures to try.

Impact Ninja Gym

Impact Ninja Gym (formerly) Obstacle Warrior Kids wears me out, as well as my kids. There are different challenges to pass off as you move through the courses, and we love that it pushes our kids to keep trying things that are hard. There are different areas based on age, too. We haven’t been to check out the updates since new ownership, but we are excited to see what fun additions they have made.

Our boys think they are ninjas at Obstacle Warrior Kids.

Get Air Hang Time

We love going to the Preschool Playtime at Get Air Hang Time because the little kids can jump everywhere and it’s not crowded. This trampoline park is fun anytime, though, and we especially love the big pits for jumping. There are 4 different places to try your flips and jumps!

Get Air Hang Time has lots of places to jump!

Kangaroo Zoo

Our younger kids love Kangaroo Zoo. This warehouse is full of bounce houses and bounce slides. They run through the large room over and over again trying all the different bounce houses. Our older boys have fun, too, but it doesn’t hold their interest quite as long as the 8 and under crowd! If you have the Get Out Pass, you can get free admission one time a year, too!

Other Ideas

Here are a few locations that we haven’t tried, but have heard are super fun. We hope to visit a few new ones soon.


Our kids are always worn out after swimming because they play so hard and have tons of fun! We have two favorite indoor pools that we spend a lot of the winter visiting when we need to get out of the house for a bit.

The Legacy Center has a huge play area for kids.

Please share your favorite place to wear your kids out in Utah during the winter. We would love to visit some new spots! Leave a comment below, or send us an email at info@utahsadventurefamily.com.

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