Rockwell Ice Cream Co


Our friends have been raving about Rockwell Ice Cream Co in Provo. The problem is, when we get ice cream in Provo, we always stop at the BYU Creamery. But after much cajoling, we finally decided to try it out.


Rockwell is located on the west side of University Avenue just north of Main Street. This makes parking a problem, but the ice cream is worth it. Once we found a parking spot on the street, we headed into Rockwell Ice Cream Co. The shop has fun colors inside, and members of the staff were very friendly. They allowed us to try almost every flavor until we settled on which one we wanted.

There are lots of great flavors to try, and they will let you sample them, too!

There were plenty of delicious flavors. It was really hard to make a decision. Mom had Rockwell Rocky Road which is made with dark chocolate and she loved it. Our oldest declared his chocolate the best plain chocolate ice cream he ever had. Dad tried a few different flavors, but he liked his snickerdoodle.

That dark chocolate Rockwell Rocky Road was delicious!!
We love ice cream, so this was a great adventure for us.

While we were there, they were making pieces of honeycomb to put into their ice cream. All of their ice cream flavors are made right in house. Rockwell Ice Cream also have other desserts to try, but we didn’t really look at those since ice cream was what we wanted! We did notice you could make your own ice cream sandwich with cookies that they had available.


The Rockwell Ice Cream Co is a cute little ice cream shop in Provo.

If you are looking for a fun ice cream shop for your family night out, give Rockwell Ice Cream Co a try. The ice cream won’t disappoint! You will find Rockwell Ice Cream at 43 N University Ave in Provo.

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