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Eagle Mountain has a fun playground and splash pad that are sure to be a hit with the kids. Our boys had a blast exploring Cory Wride Memorial Park, and claimed it was one of the best parks they have visited.

Play Area

This Eagle Mountain park is located next to Frontier Middle School on Pony Express Parkway. It is easy to find, and there is a lot of space to play. Right in the center of the park is an all-abilities area with large swings, a Zipline, and spinning toys. The ground is covered with smooth flooring for wheels, but every kid will have fun at Cory Wride Memorial Park. We especially love sliding back and forth on the Zipline.

This area has swings and spinners with an all abilities surface.
My boys always love going on the zipline. You can see the chair Zipline going by on the right.
The Zipline is a blast!

There are different types of play areas all around this park. There is a sand/water play spot with some huge tractor diggers. Our boys had fun playing in the music area with the different drums and chimes. There is also a small boat and seesaw for little ones next to a more complicated climbing playground. The boys named this the obstacle course area and tried to go from one side to the other without touching the ground.

The large diggers are a lot of fun for digging in the sand.
We visited the music area a few different times.
This is the climbing area that my boys enjoyed so much!

Cory Wride Memorial Park also has a huge hill with big slides. The hill is covered with turf, and also offers some other climbing spots like large nets and a bridge. From the top you get a great view of the park and surrounding area. Near the large hill is also the pyramid, which reminded us of Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs. This pyramid is a lot of fun to climb, even for adults!

The slides are fun because they are tall and fast, especially if you are wearing a wet swimsuit.
This pyramid is a perfect challenge for the older kids!

There is also a small playground area opposite the pyramid area for smaller children. This has a smaller climbing dome, as well as a few slides, and other climbing spots.

My youngest loved the climbing circle because the other one was too tall!

Splash Pad

The splash pad is in the middle of all the playground equipment and has a lot of great features. The main highlights are the 5 waterfalls coming down the wall. We had fun walking through them, as well as standing behind them or splashing in them. The water then follows a river down through other splashing areas. There were plenty of places to get wet, and a few shade sails over the middle area of the splash pad. The splash pad hours are 10 am-8 pm on Monday-Saturday. There are benches all around the splash pad for parents to watch their kids.

One side of the splash pad has these 5 waterfalls.
The other side has lots of sprayers.
Even my big boys had a blast at the splash pad.
Race the flip flops is their favorite splash pad activity when there is a river.
They spent most of their time doing this!
There are a few shade sales over the middle section of the splash pad.

We were grateful for the two pavilions that offered some shade, as well as tables to set all of our swimming gear. There are also two sets of bathrooms on either corner of the park. This park also has basketball courts, pickleball courts, tennis courts, and plenty of grass to play anything else.

This is the small pavilion. There is a larger one on the other side with about 20 tables. But the basketball courts and pickleball courts are nearby.

We spent a whole morning playing and splashing at Cory Wride Memorial Park. It is an awesome spot to play as a family.


Cory Wride Memorial Park is located at approximately 6000 N Pony Express Parkway in Eagle Mountain. It is next to Frontier Middle School which is located at the crossroads of Mid Valley Road and 5995 North.

Tips for Families

  • There is not a lot of shade, so wear sunscreen. The pavilions are large, but you might consider bringing your own shade.
  • Go early. We went at 9:00 and played on the playground before it was too hot or busy. Then we played in the water once it turned on at 10:00. We left at 11:30 and made it home for lunch!
  • The splash pad is on from 10-8 from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It is closed Sundays.
  • The park is open all year.

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