Patriot Park in Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs has a new park! Patriot Park just opened last weekend, and it is a baseball themed park. Since everyone in our family loves and plays baseball, we couldn’t wait to check this park out.

Patriot Park is an entire sports complex. There are baseball fields, a large pavilion, two sets of bathrooms, picnic tables with shade covers, and tons of benches. This new facility will be a great place to enjoy baseball games.

There are pickle ball courts, too. We loved the shade provided!

The real highlight is the playground area, though. There are baseballs for climbing, a huge glove slide, and a catchers mask for scrambling. We enjoyed exploring the baseball play structures and taking fun pictures. We loved how they incorporated baseball into the playground.

The baseball theme at Patriot Park is super fun.
There is a glove slide.
This catcher’s mask is for climbing and picture taking.

The playground has two play areas. One for toddlers and small children. This playground has smaller steps and slides but is still tons of fun. There are rocking horses, too.

The toddler area has a lot to do.

The larger playground has a lot of climbing areas. This is perfect for older kids since they love to explore and climb. Our kids were entertained for a really long time. We also loved the scavenger hunt that they had at this playground. There is a chart with 10 animals to find, and the small plastic animals are attached to poles all over the playground.Wheadon Farm Park in Draper has a hunt just like this.

There are so many places to climb and explore at Patriot Park.
Our boys had a blast!
The little nature hunt was really fun.
Look for these small animals around the playground. Try to find all 10.

The turf on the ground was really nice. It made the park more accessible for children, particularly those on wheels. It also keeps bark and sand out of little shoes. Separate from the playground there are two spinning toys to make everyone sick and a few swings to enjoy as well.

There are spinning toys and swings.
The turf underneath the play area added to the baseball theme.

Saratoga Springs knows how to create amazing parks. We love Neptune Park with its large climbing pyramid, Shay Park with the train shaped playground, and Harvest Hills Park with a fun zipline and large grassy areas. We have added Patriot Park to our list of favorite parks in Saratoga Springs, and Utah County. You should definitely check it out!


Patriot Park is located at 444 E 400 S in Saratoga Springs. It is easily accessible from Redwood Road. Whether coming from the north or south on Redwood, turn east onto 400 S and the park is on the left just a few minutes down the road.

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  1. vinh nguyen

    i thought there were 6 baseball fields

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Oops. There are 6 fields! We are so used to these complexes having only 4. We updated our post.