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We found a fun new indoor adventure for families, especially for those who love art and creating together. The Neighborhood Art Center is located in the Provo Towne Center Mall in south Provo, and it is full of art stations for you and your children to explore.

The Neighborhood Art Center is a non-profit organization with a mission to give more children the chance to enjoy art. We were very impressed with everything they are doing and providing for families to create together. There is a small fee to enter ($5/child, $3/adult), but once you have paid admission everything else is free. There are no extra costs for creating art.

The Neighborhood Art Center has many different art stations.

Hands-on Stations

Neighborhood Art Center has many different hands-on places to create art. There is a place to build with blocks, play with playdough, create self portraits, and create shapes on an old overhead projector. We liked the table with clear plastic pieces to put in front of your face while someone else traced your portrait. They even have a small reading nook, and an area where kids can play with shopping, food, and a kitchen. These areas are especially nice for young children, while older children are working on bigger projects.

We built some fun creations with the tile blocks.
We all took turns drawing our self-portraits.
There are a few big rooms with places to create art.
We liked tracing each other’s faces.
How’d I do? Does it look like him?

Recycled Art

We spent a lot of time in the recycled art area. This area has lots of old containers, paper, packaging, anything that has been saved to make art. Our boys took bits and pieces and created some fun things. One of our boys made a little sign for their dad, while another created their own DVD cover. It was fun to use your creativity and make whatever you wanted.

This is the recycled materials area.
We had so much fun creating together as a family.
This was the start of the DVD cover. Many more details were added.

Paint the Walls

One of the most popular spots in the Neighborhood Art Center is the paint room. In this small room, children have permission to paint directly on the walls. Our kids thought this was amazing! The room also has papers to paint on if your child would like to take something home. There are drying racks for any projects that need some extra time to dry.

The paint room was definitely a hit with the kids.
Everyone wanted to find their own space to paint.

Guided Art Projects

There are a few guided art projects, too. When we checked in at the front desk, they let us know to ask for help with two of the art projects. These ended up being our boys two favorite projects, so make sure to ask if you have any when you visit. One was a shaving cream paint project and another was a screen print projects. The workers were so friendly and patient, and we loved the finished projects.

Screen printing was fun. All of our boys created different pictures.
The shaving cream art turned out to be our favorite.
The finished projects looked so neat.

Neighborhood Art Center Info

The Neighborhood Art Center is only open on Wednesdays from 2-5 pm and Fridays from 10 am-5 pm. They also offer a few classes and have a Friday drawing club. For more info on their classes, times, fees, and mission, visit their website. We recommend parking on the upper parking area by JCPenny’s (the southeast corner of the mall). Enter the mall entrance doors and head right, it is about half way down on the second floor. If you are looking for a totally free place to try and art project, check out Open Studio at BYU MOA.

Stop by the Neighborhood Art Center for some creative fun!

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