Battlecreek Falls Hike

Battlecreek Falls
This waterfall is a great hike for families!

One of our favorite hikes is located just east of Pleasant Grove. Battlecreek Falls is practically an urban hike as it is located just up the hill from Pleasant Grove High School. Besides accessibility, the other thing that makes this hike amazing is that there is a beautiful waterfall payoff after a short hike.  It is an easy walk–about 30 minutes (.7 miles to the falls). Our three year-old did this hike today all by himself without being carried, though we did hold hands as it is a little rocky and steep in a few places.

Hike Info

  • Rating: Easy, however there is a steep climb the last 50 yards to the falls.
  • Distance: 1.5 miles roundtrip
  • Elevation Gain: 450 feet
  • Fees: None
  • Tips: This trail is busy. We recommend going on a weekday or early in the morning to avoid the larger crowds.
  • Dog Friendly

This hike begins on a wide gravel road that follows a small stream. After walking on the wide road for a bit, you will come to a small “pond” where we stop and throw rocks. From here the trail narrows slightly continues to climb to the waterfall. Soon you will cross a bridge and around the corner there is a small “cave,” which is just a small hole in a rock, but we stop and take a picture every time we hike to Battlecreek Falls.  Right after the cave, you hit the steepest part of the trail. This pitch is only about 100 feet or so, and you will hear the waterfall as you climb. The hardest part of the climb is that the trail here is covered with shale, so it’s easy for anyone to slip and fall. So hold on to those little ones.

Battlecreek Falls
The trail follows this wide road for the first half of the hike.
Battlecreek Falls
You walk along the stream the entire hike. In the summer, it’s a very small trickle, but when we hiked in March it was flowing very well.
Battlecreek Falls
We normally hike in the summer when it’s hot, but the first week of March…there was still snow. It was a fun adventure.
Battlecreek Falls
This is the pond that we throw rocks into for a break!
Battlecreek Falls
And this is the famous cave! I’m not sure that all three of them could fit inside at once.
Battlecreek Falls
This is the tough part of the hike. It’s the steepest climb on a shale covered trail. Be careful!

As you near the end of the hike, you will hear the waterfall and then see it through the trees. On the right-hand side close to the top, you will see a small path that heads down to the base of the park. We like to take the short jaunt to the top first, though (it’s only about 100 more feet) because you get a gorgeous view of the waterfall from the side. Then we head back down to the turnoff and down to the base of the waterfall.

Battlecreek Falls
It’s not much further to the top of the waterfall, so we do that first so the climb is all done at once.
Battlecreek Falls
The view of Utah Lake is beautiful!
Battlecreek Falls
We love the view of the waterfall from the top is amazing.

On a hot day, it is nice to arrive and feel the spray from the falls. My kids loves to throw rocks into the water and sometimes wade in, too. We do this hike at least twice a year and it is always a winner. This hike is an uphill hike…it is a slow climb, but you are definitely walking up the mountain to this waterfall. Like we mentioned, our three year old walked the entire way, but we make sure to take our time and enjoy the hike, so the climb doesn’t seem too bad.

Battlecreek Falls
The waterfall flows like this even in the summer.
Battlecreek Falls
We like to get right up by the spray…even when it’s a sweatshirt kind of day!

To find Battlecreek Falls, take 200 S (also called Battle Creek Road) in Pleasant Grove east until it dead ends at the trailhead parking lot. You will see a pavilion with tables–don’t cross the bridge over to the tables, instead stay right of the barricades and follow the gravel road up into the canyon. The other side of the pavilion is where you Hike the G! Have fun!

Battlecreek Falls is fun for all ages!
The water is generally shallow in the summer so you can wade in it a little bit.
And you have to throw rocks in the water…that is a must for any boy!




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