Provo Pioneer Village

Provo Pioneer Village


The Sons of the Utah Pioneers run a small pioneer village next to the DUP Museum in Provo. We’ve driven past this place a lot of times and always wanted to stop, so we checked when it was open and dropped by.


There are quite a few small buildings on the site, including a general store, a small school, a few cabins, a granary, and a blacksmith shop. Throughout the site, you’ll see several wagons, an old well, and a flag with 30 stars like the one flown in 1847. They have a really cool map on their website that allows you to see panoramic photos of the site here.

There are lots of wagons and cabin inside the village.


The village is set up to look like pioneer times.
The village is set up to look like pioneer times.

The blacksmith shop wasn’t running when we were there, though it had been the day before, but the smith talked with us about the tools and items that he’d made out of metal. We walked through the old cabins and looked at old pioneer relics. We also rang the bell and raised the bucket up and down the well, but our favorite part of the village was the school.

Everyone working at Provo Pioneer Village was very friendly.
Our boys stamped leather in the blacksmith shop.
We liked moving the bucket up and down in the well.

At the school, you could play several pioneer games. There was ringtoss, the one with two pairs of sticks and a large ring. Our boys loved the teddy bear climb that taught children how to milk cows. We always enjoy playing the hoop and stick roll along game. There were even several sets of stilts, which only Dad seemed to be able to use.

The school had a lot of fun activities.
These bears taught children how to milk cows.
Using sticks you throw a rope ring, and also catch it.
Harder than it looks….


The hours for the Provo Pioneer Village can be found on their website. They often have special events including demonstrations and hands-on activities. You can schedule a tour, and they also have a pamphlet for those of us who are taking a self-guided tour. We liked that they had some hands-on activities for our boys to help the pioneer life seem more real. The Provo Pioneer Village can be found on 500 west and around 600 North in North Park in Provo. They are open Memorial Day through Labor Day.


We loved the easy to read signs throughout the village. We learned a lot.
An old corn crib.
You can go inside all the buildings.
There is one wagon you can pose on for a picture. Be careful up there!

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