Harvey Park | Cedar Hills

Cedar Hills opened a brand new park this year (2020) and we decided to finally check it out. Harvey Park in Cedar Hills is Space theme, so there are planets, stars, suns, and rocket ships throughout the park. Our boys had a blast, and they are ages 7, 10, and 13, so we think this park is great for all ages. We will definitely be adding it to our Best Parks in Utah County list.

Harvey Park is full of fun places to play.


The playground at Harvey Park has a ton of climbing structures. There is a large pyramid with a huge slide. This slide is very speedy, so watch kiddos as they come down. There are other smaller climbing areas, too. The playground area has a Zipline, which all the kids loved. The flooring at the park is plastic turf, so it is really comfy on the feet.

As space lovers, we really enjoyed this park.
This slide shot the kids out really fast!

Harvey Park also had an area with musical instruments to play, so kids can play the chimes or drums. There is a small toddler playground, which has the cutest little rocket ships down the slide. We liked that the swings are covered by a shade sail. There are also lots of other little toys interwoven throughout the park. Our boys seriously tried them all out because this park has a lot to offer.

There is a smaller climbing area for younger kids.
Our boys liked playing the different chimes and bells.
There are so many places to climb at Harvey Park.
Our boys are always excited for a Zipline.

Splash Pad

The splash pad at Harvey Park is really fun. We were impressed that there were smaller splash areas for toddlers, and also some bigger toys for the older kids. One of the cool things at the splash pad was a sprayer that you could adjust. There are knobs that change how many spots spray, as well as how far they go. It was fun for the kids to move this sprayer around.

Even the splash pad is space themed.
There are smaller sprayers around the edges for younger kids. And one looks like Jupiter!
This sprayer was so neat because the kids could change how it sprayed.

Our boys mostly loved two things. The first one was the sprayers. They loved trying to spray each other, and their mom, with the chilly water. Luckily, it was a hot day, so I didn’t mind. The other part of the splash pad that they loved was the huge rocket dump. The rocket ship fills up, and every 15 minutes or so it dumps a huge waterfall down onto the splash pad. This was a huge hit with the kids.

These sprayers were very popular, and watch out, they can spray out of the splash pad area.
The big rocket dumps a bucket of water about every 15 minutes.
There is a lot of water!

Other Amenities

Harvey Park has a lot of other amenities to make visiting their park perfect. There are picnic tables all around, as well as three large pavilions that offer shade. There were a lot of sporting spots like pickle ball and tennis courts, and bathrooms, too. Here is a list of what this park offers.

  • basketball court
  • bathrooms
  • baseball field
  • soccer field
  • pickle ball courts
  • tennis courts
  • drinking fountains
  • pavilion
  • picnic tables
  • walking trail
Harvey Park has a lot to do other than the playground and splash pad.

We had a blast playing at Harvey Park in Cedar Hills. It is a great new park to check out. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone busy. This park is located at 4301 W. Harvey Blvd in Cedar Hills, UT. Check the Cedar Hills website for Splash Pad hours.

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