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We love living in Lehi and we are lucky to have a Natural History Museum in our town. The Hutchings Museum is a nice little history museum that our boys really enjoy visiting. There are some interesting displays inside, and we love the hands-on stations in each area.

Hutchings Museum is right near the library and the Legacy Center.

Different History Rooms

The Hutchings Museum isn’t super large, but it does have several different rooms. The first room that you enter has some displays about the wars, and people from Lehi who had served in these wars. We like to head left out of the front room and make a clockwise walk through this museum, but you can go either direction.

This is the first room that you enter.

There is a Native American room, a bird room, a fossil room, an old West room, a rock room, and a few more. Each room has displays about that topic including videos, signs, and artifacts. We always find interesting things to learn and see in each room in the Hutchings Museum.

There are a lot of Native American items on display.
Some rooms have videos with informational videos.
If you know us, you know we love birds, so this is one of our favorite rooms.
The Old West stories are fun to read.
The dinosaur room has some fun fossil displays.
We love looking at these dinosaurs that lived in Utah.
Our boys spend a long time looking at every single rock and gem.
These are some rocks from inside Timpangos Cave, which is just a few minutes away.

Hands-on Activities

We like that in each room there are hands-on activities for the kids. It can be a challenge for little ones to visit museums where you can’t touch anything. So make sure to keep an eye out for science experiments in the rock display, metate stones to grind with, dinosaur fossils to brush, and more. Our boys love going into the old jail cell and getting locked in. They look forward to it every time.

The hands-on activities make this museum fun.
Sometimes the hands-on activity is just a touch area.
We would not have been great with the telegraph.
Brushing off fossils is always a great kid activity.
There were a lot of fossils on the touch table.
Hanging out in the jail cell is the best part.
Throwback picture to one of our first visits to the museum.

Live Animals

Another highlight of the museum is the live animals. There is a room with snakes, lizards, and birds. You can look at them just like in a zoo. There were signs on the cages with info about the type of animal and their name. When we visited there was a volunteer who pulled some of the animals out so we could touch them. I don’t know if this occurs every day, or if we were just lucky, but it definitely added a lot of fun to our visit to the Hutchings Museum.

There are lots of reptiles to check out at the Hutchings Museum.
We liked reading the stories about each animal and what their names are.
Mom likes the snakes behind the glass!
We loved touching the lizards.
We were able to pet a few lizards and a few snakes.

Admission and Info

One thing we love right now is that this museum is part of the Get Out Pass. So if you have this pass, you can visit this museum once a year for free. If you don’t know about the Get Out Pass, check out our post and read about why we enjoy it. Also, if you have a pass to another museum that is part of the ASTC passport, then you can receive free admission if your pass is from somewhere more than 90 miles away. This is great if you are visiting from outside of Utah.

The Hutchings Museum is definitely affordable for families. The 2022, cost is $5/adult, $4/child. The museum is open 11 am – 9 pm Monday through Saturday. Check their website for current information.

The Hutchings Museum is a nice family-friendly museum.

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