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Orem City added a new playground at their City Center Park, and we went to check it out. The All Together Playground is designed for children of all abilities. It has a smooth foam floor so that anyone can move around, as well as ramps, and plenty of fun places to play. Our boys had a blast at this park.


All Together Playground in Orem is designed like some of our other favorite parks (Discovery Park in PG and Nicholls Park in Fruit Heights), but it has special features for all abilities, which is similar to Thunder Junction in St. George. There are two separate Ziplines: one with a seat to strap kids in, and one that children could stand or sit on. There is a special area with a ride for children in wheelchairs, but you need the key from the city to operate it, so plan accordingly.

The big castle parks are so fun!
The Ziplne is a lot of fun, and look at that amazing surface underneath the play area.

The playground is divided into two areas: a larger area with all sorts of different toys, and a smaller area called the Tot Lot designed for children under 5. The larger area has a huge  mountain with 4 slides coming down it. It also has a rock wall on the other side for climbing, but my kids enjoyed playing under this part of the playground, too. Right near this area is a space ship that children can pretend to fly. There are a few tunnels to crawl through, and some different types of climbing toys. Our boys enjoyed the electronic light game where you try to hit the lights as they light up. We have seen these at quite a few parks, and they are fun teamwork games.

There are musical instruments all over the park. And my boys loved the space area in the background.
The spaceship and the train both have buttons that make sounds, and a steering wheel to drive. The boys were in heaven!
This electronic toy is a lot of fun.
We loved all the different slides coming out of the castle.
The older kids loved the rock climbing area.
All Together Playground has tons of places to climb, explore, and discover.

One of the most popular things in this area was the merry-go-round. There were a ton of kids on the spinning wheel. I was impressed that the older kids were kind and let the little kids off as soon as they asked because I was worried some toddler would end up throwing up after being spun to death by 11 year-olds.

This merry-go-round was always packed. The kids loved it!
I love the happiness on my boys’ faces as we played here.

The Tot Lot has a boat-shaped climbing area with some small slides and tunnels. It also has a train which made different sounds. All of the toddlers loved that. There is a cute little beehive for the kids to hide in, and some small buildings to represent some of the older businesses in the Scera. The toys are definitely smaller scale and more geared for the little ones. The 4 year-old loved the huge seesaw, too! This area had some swings, and so did the larger area.

This area is set aside for the younger crowd.
The Tot Lot has a large boat for climbing and sliding.
I loved this cute little beehive. There are swings at this park.
The kids enjoyed walking on the toadstools, and playing in the little train.
There are cute decorations all over, and lots of tunnels!
This see saw can hold a lot of people. The little buildings are one-way in and out of the Tot Lot.

One aspect of the park that I really enjoyed as a mom were the signs that said Smarter Every Day. They were all over the park, and they shared facts about nature and also about the City of Orem. I had a lot of fun reading them as I wandered around with my children. I’m not sure any of the kids read them, but if you go, make sure you check them out.

The Smarter Every Day signs are a great addition to this fun park.

The park only has one entrance and kids can only exit the way they came in, so you can plant yourself by the exit if you’d like. I followed my youngest around, and checked on the older boys every so often. There are a few ways to enter the Tot Lot area so sometimes I would realize my 4 year-old wasn’t in front of me, only to realize he had run out of this area a different way to find his brothers. If you have anxiety about where your children are, this might not be the park for you, and definitely not on a busy Saturday morning.

This is the only entrance/exit for the park.

This park is super busy because it is new, so we recommend going during the day if possible, and not on a Saturday. We went on a Saturday during lunch time, and it was hopping! Despite all the people, we had fun and still were able to play on everything we wanted to because the park does have a lot of space.


All Together Playground is a really fun place to play. We can’t wait to go back on a less busy day and spend anther day exploring this park. You can find it behind the Orem Library on 100 N in Orem (the parking lot is between 200 E and 300 E).

We were running from place to place. So much to do and see!
We also enjoyed beautiful Mount Timpangos is the background!
All Together Playground in Orem is a great place to play!

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  1. Pauline

    There is also a castle park Nibley utah

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thanks for sharing. Do you know the address? We would love to check it out when we head up to Bear Lake in the summer time!