Escapes in Time

Our boys are getting older, and they love to solve puzzles. Escape rooms have become a great family activity for our family where we work together to solve puzzles and clues. Recently we visited Escapes in Time, located in Orem, and had a great experience.

Family-Friendly Escape Rooms

One thing that we liked about Escapes in Time is the family-friendly environment. As we’ve researched other escape rooms, we’ve seen a lot of scary themes: zombie apocalypse, serial killers, and the like. One escape room even starts with you trying to turn off the fog machine, which just doesn’t seem like a good time for our 7 and 9 year-olds. All of Escapes in Time rooms have family-friendly themes, and they rate each room based on difficulty, so you can choose what is best for your family.

Escapes in Time had brain games to solve while you waited. It was a good way to get your brain warmed up for all the puzzles.
Our boys went straight for the Rubik’s cubes, of course.

Variety of Rooms

At Escapes in Time, we have tried a few different rooms. One room (which is now retired) was a Leonardo da Vinci themed room. We went on a double date and solved the puzzles in this room with our friends. Escape rooms are great date activities because sometimes the puzzles are a little over young children heads.

We really loved the Leonardo room!

We also attempted a room as a family. This time we had to escape from jail at the OK Corral. Everything was western themed. This room was just the right difficulty for our family. We finished with about 7 minutes left.

We got a peek into Moriarty’s Mishaps.

Another time we took another family and did a large Christmas Room and we had to save Santa. He has been kidnapped! There were a lot of puzzles in this room and everyone was solving different riddles and locks at the same time. We were glad that we had more than just one family since we only rescued Santa with about 5 minutes to spare.

This is the Christmas themed room. It is super fun to do in November or December.


We don’t want to ruin any of the puzzles, but we will give you a little of what to expect. In this escape room, there was an iPad that monitored your progress. Each time you solved a puzzle, you found a coin, usually accompanied by a key or combination of numbers. As you placed the coin in the box near the iPad, it updated your progress. Some rooms have iPads that you scan a QR code to keep track of your progress. All around the room were different items with clues. There were also boxes with key locks, combination locks with 3, 4, or 5 digits. Hints can be found on the walls, in pictures, and items that you find.

We found clues all over our “jail cell.”

It is amazing how rewarding it is when you figure out a puzzle. The click of an opened lock is like music; the creak from a hidden door like a good dream. That was our favorite thing about the escape room. The sense of accomplishment was like a natural high.

We felt so accomplished when we escaped on our own!

You should know that you are being watched on cameras while in the escape room. Employees are monitoring your progress, making sure that you aren’t causing mischief, and helping when needed. They want to make sure everyone is successful, so sometimes they step in to give you a hint or maybe a few extra minutes.

Escape rooms are a great date night. We had so much fun with our friends!

If you’d like a fun night with your family, even the little ones, try Escapes in Time in Orem. We had a really great time. Make sure to check their website or follow them on social media before you schedule because they always have great deals! There is always a special deal if you book the entire room, too.


Escapes in Time is located at 768 S 400 E, Orem, UT.

Tips for Families

  • Schedule the escape room ahead of time. Check their website for times and deals.
  • Be careful which room you choose. Some rooms have a spookier theme, so we were careful to choose rooms we thought would be appropriate for our kids.
  • Invite friends or family to come with you. We went with another couple and that made it really fun. We worked on solving the room together. If you don’t schedule with others, you could be in the room with people you don’t know. I guess you would become friends quickly!
  • Children 5 and under are free, but mostly because they won’t be able to help too much. This activity is probably better for a little older crowd.
We love working as a family to escape!

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