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Get Air Hang Time has been open in Orem for a few years, but we have never had the chance to visit. Then I heard that they had Preschool Playtime on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10-12, and kids get in for $2. Adults are $6, and they do encourage moms and dads to get out and play with their preschoolers. So I took my four year-old, and we spent a morning at Preschool Playtime at Hang Time.


Get Air Hang Time is a huge building filled with trampolines. There is one huge area called Open Jump where you can jump and run all over a bunch of trampolines. A  separate area is set aside for dodge ball, and another area is set aside for playing basketball. There is one final section called the Pit where you can jump into pits filled with foam blocks, or jump onto a huge air bag.

This picture shows about half of the area for the Open Jump trampoline spot.
There is usually a big basketball game going on when the big kids come to play, but at Preschool Playtime the little kids get a chance to jump in here and have their hand at making baskets.
This is set up to be a huge Dodgeball room.
The Pit area is super fun with foam cubes to jump into, as well as a huge air bag with ropes to swing on.

Normally when you visit Hang Time, there is only a small area for children 46 inches and under to jump. Most of the trampoline park is made for kids who are 46 inches and taller, but at Preschool Playtime the little kids can jump wherever they want because all the big kids are at school. My preschooler was in heaven. He ran from place to place, jumping and leaping all over.

This is the area that is set aside for the preschool age children during regular Get Air Hang Time hours.
Our kids ran from place to place!
He loved jumping and trying to shoot a basket.

I was worried that Preschool Playtime might be really crowded, but there was plenty of space, and not too many preschoolers. We were able to do whatever we wanted. While we loved jumping, our favorite activities were definitely jumping into the foam pit and air bag. I can’t even count the number of times my little one jumped off “the cliff” as he called it!

He was a little nervous about jumping in the first time.
But once he tried it, there was no stopping him!
Watch out! The foam pit is a little tricky to get out of once you are sucked in!
His favorite place to play was definitely this giant air bag.
We spent a bunch of time jumping off “the cliff” into the air bag.

One of the things that I love about Get Air Hang Time is all the spots they have for parents to sit. They have nice leather couches and chairs all over the facility. In the large Open Jump area, they have big areas to sit right in the middle too, so people can rest or watch little ones while they jump. I really appreciated how comfy it was for moms and dads, even though I was mostly jumping with my kiddo. If you come with older kids, you can be a spectator and not pay, so you’d definitely enjoy the lounging areas.

A pretty sweet setup for the parents all throughout the facility.
If you want to be a little more involved, you can sit on these large black squares throughout the Open Jump Area and watch the kids.
I had a lot of fun playing with the kids at Hang Time.
They liked sitting with me in the huge hole I could create in the air bag.

My older boys are super sad that they didn’t get to visit, so I told them I’d try to find a time to take them back. It’s a little pricier to go with the big kids ($8/hour or $12/2 hours), but there are usually coupons on KSL deals or Groupon. And if you go during regular hours, your preschoolers are only allowed in the smaller area and the Pit.

Preschool Playtime was definitely a winner of an adventure.

Preschool Playtime is the perfect activity to burn some extra energy out of your little ones. We jumped the entire two hours, and I couldn’t believe that time was up when I checked the clock. We had so much fun! And we are already planning a trip to go back again. Check their calendar to make sure Preschool Playtime is going on as scheduled.

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