Provo Beach Resort

Provo Beach Resort is a family fun center located in the shops at the Riverwoods. It is a great place to take the kids, particularly the teenagers, on a rainy day. They have a bunch of activities, many of them unique, including mini-golf style croquet, bowling, laser tag, a ropes course, and of course, the flowrider, which simulates surfing. We didn’t have time to try all of these activities, but we checked out each one.


Our boys love bowling, and Provo Beach Resort has 8 lanes. Due to some cool lighting, the pins appear to be neon. In addition, we found the lanes to be quite friendly, and our scores were higher than usual. If you’re looking to up your average, you may try this bowling alley.

Bowling is one of our favorite family adventures.

Laser Tag

The laser tag course was really fun. The guns were much better than some places we’ve been, because there was a laser sight that helped you aim. Using this sight, you could easily shoot someone all the way across the arena. This made it feel like you had good control of your laser gun.

Laser Tag was our favorite activity at Provo Beach Resort.
The laser tag area is nice and well set up.

Mini Croquet

The croquet course was interesting because we had never seen anything like it. The balls and mallets were just like croquet, but the course was set up with wickets rather than golf holes. Then, you counted the number of wickets you passed through before the area was over. Of course, this evolved into us having a fun time trying trick shots and red wicket bonuses rather than actually keeping score, but we really enjoyed this course.

The mini croquet course is a lot like mini golf.
The course had a lot of different scenery and places to play.


The flowrider is the reason that many people visit Provo Beach Resort. This is like a really big wave area, so come with your swimsuit. Those doing the flowrider have the choice to surf or body board, and there are people there to help you learn. We watched for a little while as people tried to tame the waves with varying degrees of success.

We liked watching the flowrider and can’t wait to try it!


There is a large arcade area where kids can earn tickets by participating in games. Those tickets can then be used to purchase little trinkets from a store. This is a pretty standard ticket experience where you load cash on a card, and it keeps track of your tickets. Our boys always enjoyed the freedom to walk around and choose the game they’d like to play.

There are a bunch of games in the arcade area.
We always end up shooting hoops at the arcade.

Ropes Course

The ropes course is above the arcade area, so though we didn’t participate, we could see those who did. They were carefully strapped into safety harness and scaled along several types of obstacles about 30 feet in the air. The course seemed relatively short, but there were quite a few people up there, and they seemed to be having fun.

The ropes course is simple, but fun.


There is an indoor playground with some large climbing areas and a slide. Since our kids were too old for this area, we didn’t visit, but this would be a fun activity to add for the younger kids.


In the arcade area, there is a small carousel ride. If our kids were little, I know they would have been begging to ride.

The carousel is down by the arcade.
There is an ice cream stand with a few snacks, too.

Info for Families

There is also an ice cream parlor inside Provo Beach Resort where you can get a few treats and snacks while you play. Luckily, the Riverwoods also has a lot of restaurants where you can grab lunch and come back and play some more. You are given a wrist band or a card (depending on what your purchase), so you can easily come and go as you please.

You can purchase tickets for each activity individually, or you can buy a day pass, which includes all the activities. We actually used our Get Out Pass for a free game of laser tag, and then purchased the Double Dip. The Double Dip includes two activities (not including the flowrider) and $5 to the arcade for $12. This way everyone could pick what they wanted to do, even though we ended up doing everything together anyway.

Check the Provo Beach Resort website for current hours and pricing. We were excited when we saw they extended their hours for Spring Break.

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