Springville Art Museum

We have visited the Springville Art Museum many times. The first time we visited our boys were only 7, 4, and 1. We were a little worried about taking young kids because art museums tend to be strict on behavior, which is the case here. Luckily, they have a great hands-on area for the kids, too. We are excited to share all about the Springville Art Museum.

The Springville Art Museum has a huge variety of artwork.

Art Museum Etiquette

One of the reasons we love visiting art museums, even when our boys were young is the conversations. Our boys are always very engaged, asking and answering questions, talking about their favorite pieces, and discussing the art with Mom and Dad. Our younger boys, especially toddlers, are a little bit trickier in art museums because they want to touch everything, and they can’t. So be prepared to keep a close watch on young children.

We also prepared our boys that the art museum is not a place to run. We walk calmly and use quiet voices. Discussing this beforehand helped them to know what they expectations were once we arrived.

Following our little one around the museum so he won’t touch anything.

Floors 1 and 2

Springfield Art Museum is full of amazing art. There are two floors full of sculptures and pictures made in all styles. There is a permanent display that doesn’t change, and rotating displays that are replaced at regular intervals. The permanent display features 4 really prominent pieces. There are 2 statues, one of Massasoit, a famous Native American, that stands over 10 feet tall. Another is a marble statue of a mother holding her baby. There is a very large picture of the Salt Lake Valley circa 1900. Another hall includes a large collection of Soviet-era art.

We liked this painting because we visited Rainbow Bridge a few years ago.
This water sculpture is always popular.
The massasoit statue is a replica of the one in Boston, and similar to the one at the Utah State Capitol.
We like looking at this portrait hallway. Don’t miss it!

The temporary displays are constantly rotating. One time there were many pieces from the fantastical art of James Christensen and the annual high school art contest contest winners. Another time we found a huge display of modern art. This led to very interesting conversations.

This painting is done by James Christensen.
This was one of our favorites on another visit to the museum.

We love admiring the building. It is a historic old building and the rooms are all very different and unique. It’s fun to appreciate the building, as well as the art, as you walk through.

The building really is beautiful all on its own.


This is the place for kids! The basement has hands-on activities for children to enjoy. There is a train table, reading nook, and art activities as well. Even our older boys enjoy the art games and building with blocks. We spent a lot of time here before looking through the art, and they wanted to go back afterward, too.

The basement is set up for kids.
There are a lot of hands-on activities for kids..
We liked the art activities like this one where you guessed the artist.

Make sure to ask for a scavenger hunt at the front desk. They always have different ones for the season or holidays. They are simple, but we like that they help children look for objects in the paintings and find favorite things. It is another way to keep them engaged with the art.

Use the scavenger hunt to enjoy the museum with kids.

Springville Art museum is free! They also have extended hours on Wednesday, so you can visit after work if you’d like. Check out their website for current exhibits and hours.

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