Dinosaur Island at Thanksgiving Point

There is a new exhibit at Thanksgiving Point. Dinosaur Island is an amazing display of dinosaurs throughout the Ashton Gardens. The dinosaurs move and make sounds, and are a dinosaur lover’s dream. We were pleasantly surprised at how much everyone in our family loved Dinosaur Island at Thanksgiving Point.

The dinosaurs are amazing in this exhibit!

The dinosaurs are set up all throughout the gardens. They are huge! You can’t miss them. We stopped next to the brachiosaurus, and this dinosaur made us feel so small. The dinosaurs are very life like (from what we think that they looked like). We enjoyed watching them move and make noise. It makes it feel like you are walking around an island inhabited by dinosaurs, almost like Jurassic Park.

Even the entrance is decorated to welcome you to Dinosaur Island
This guy welcomes you!
The dinosaurs are huge!!
I can not imagine running into this huge flying dinosaur.
There are smaller dinosaurs, too.

We appreciated the information signs next to every dinosaur in Dinosaur Island at Thanksgiving Point. The signs teach about each type of dinosaur, what they ate, and when they lived. Our boys loved the signs because they also shared the dinosaurs survival skill and their greatest weakness. They were fascinated learning each dinosaurs weakness. So don’t skip reading the signs.

We love the creative and informational signs.
Biggest Weakness of a Gigantotosaurus? None! Get Running!!

There are a few small games in one area of the gardens. My boys liked the bone brushing off stations, which they have near the large waterfall at the end, too. There was also a skee ball game for families to enjoy together.

There were a few different hands-on activities for kids.

The Ashton Gardens is a nice loop, so it is easy to walk through and see every dinosaur on Dinosaur Island. Make sure to pick up a map so that you don’t miss any of the dinos. We liked to check them off as we visited. You can enjoy the beautiful gardens while you walk as well. There are always lovely flowers blooming, and we like walking along the pond. Don’t forget to stop and feed the fish!

The koi pond is always a favorite spot.
The dinosaurs are on display throughout the gardens, so you can see the flowers, too!

Add Dinosaur Island at Thanksgiving Point to your summer bucket list. You definitely don’t want to miss this amazing display. The dinosaurs will be on display through August 26, 2023. For details on hours and prices, visit the Thanksgiving Point website. You can also check out the Utah Valley Summer Bucket List. When you visit places in Utah county, you earn points and prizes. Read more about this fun summer adventure here, and Dinosaur Island is on the list.

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