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Top Tips for family adventurers

5 Tips for Hiking
with Kids

Hiking takes a little training, but it's the best way to connect and teaches so many life lessons.

Road Trip Tips for
Long Drives

Here are our top 10 tips for not just surviving, but enjoying long car rides to all your fun family adventures.

You Need to Know About the Get Out Pass

Discover new venues and explore some of Utah's top attractions with the Get Out Pass. It's such a great deal!


Utah’s Adventure Family has been exploring Utah for the past 45 years and sharing our family adventures online for over 15 years. We are both educators and love teaching and sharing information so that others can learn about Utah, and its history and environment. We are always looking for fun new family activities that their readers will love.

The goal of Utah's Adventure Family is to take the guesswork out of exploring by sharing where to go, what to take, and what to expect. Then you can be well-informed and prepared as you head out on your adventure. We share about parks, hikes, museums, unique businesses, holiday events and other family friendly activities that will be a hit for families of all ages. We have a strong desire to help families learn to love adventure and try new things together.


Family HIKES

NAtional Parks

Spring Adventures

20 Bucket List Spots that you Don't Want to Miss in Utah

Utah is full of adventure and amazing places to visit. Don’t miss our favorite spots that everyone should visit at least once in Utah! Grab our printable bucket list and start checking these items off. 

Indoor Adventures

Free Adventures