Buffalo Peak Hike

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We tried a new little-known hike today called Buffalo Peak Hike. This is the peak you can see from the valley floor just one peak north of Kyvh Peak. We liked this hike because it was short and easy, but allowed us to “summit” which is something our boys have never done.

We made it to the top!!
We made it to the top!!

Where to find Buffalo Peak

The hike is only about a half mile each way (so one mile roundtrip), and it climbs up the back of the peak to a beautiful overlook of Utah Valley. To reach the hike, take 8th North in Orem up to the bottom of Provo Canyon. Then turn right onto Kyvh Peak Road. Follow the road until it splits– right to Kyvh Peak and left to Hope Campground. It’s fun to stop at the Kyvh Peak overlook, but we liked Buffalo Peak overlook better.

Turn left toward Hope campground. Right after the campground, the road becomes a dirt road. Warning: it is bumpy, dusty, and generally unpleasant. (This is a free activity except for the carwash!) At exactly 2.9 miles down the dirt road you’ll see a gap in the fence on the right and a “prevent forest fires” sign on the left. There is very limited parking.

Being right up at the top of the mountains is awesome.

The Trail

Start out to the south (left) and walk through the meadows and trees. This hike isn’t very long, but has a few short, strenuous sections. There is one branch in the trail, but don’t go right, stay straight ahead to the peak. On your left, you’ll come to an overlook. Keep the kids back from the edge as it is a bit of a drop. This is a good place to turn around if your kids are too small to make the summit.

Mom and baby hiking!
Mom and baby hiking!
Most of the hike is shady--always a plus.
Most of the hike is shady–always a plus.
Buffalo peak
This little guy hiked the entire way. Barely 3 years old and climbed a mountain!
Buffalo Peak
There are beautiful views along the way.
Buffalo Peak
This is looking behind you on the trail. Beautiful views both directions!

It’s only another block to the top, but it’s pretty rocky and steep. Our 3 and 5 year-olds walked the entire way, but we held hands with both every bit of the last climb (we also tend to have pretty hearty young’uns).

You can see the steep slope covered with shale. Be careful not to slide all the way down.
You can see the steep slope covered with shale. Be careful not to slide all the way down.

The summit is beautiful and overlooks everything from the point of the mountain, all the way back to the south end of Utah Lake. Continue west down to the “crown” of the hill and you can see BYU’s practice facility and LaVell Edwards Stadium on your left. Due to the sunset, we couldn’t see much straight ahead or to the right.

Buffalo Peak
A view from the top!
Dad and the older boys at the top.
Dad and the older boys at the top.

We did see a lizard, a few varieties of birds, and a mule deer. Overall, we were thrilled with this gem of a hike. Short, simple, and with a great reward. This trail is beautiful in both summer for wildflowers and fall for foliage. For other great kid hikes, check out list of 101 family friendly trails in Utah.

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  1. Christie

    If you want to make this one longer (5 miles) and harder, you can start the hike at Squaw Peak overlook.

  2. Melanie

    Thanks for always writing about your hikes, it helps me choose which ones I actually think my family can do.