Adventure Heights All Abilities Park | Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork opened a brand new all-abilities park this month. Adventure Heights All Abilities Park has a huge play area and a large splash pad, too. It is a super fun place to play as a family.


The play area is spread out, so there is a lot of room for everyone. There is a fun playground with a 24 foot toy treehouse to climb and then a huge slide that comes down from the top. The playground also has monkey bars, places to climb, and a bridge.

The large playground has lots to do.
The boys enjoyed all of the extra things like monkey bars and climbing ladders.
This is another play area with a Zipline.
There are a lot of places to play.

There are other small play areas to the sides of this playground. One has a climbing structure and an electronic game. Another has some spinny toys and a Zipline. There are also tons of swings. Over by the water area are 4 unique slides. This is where my boys played for a long time.

These slides were very popular.
We played here most of the time.

Sensory Walk

When you first walk into Adventure Heights All Abilities Park, on the right side, you will see a small gravel trail. This trail isn’t paved, but is still wheel-friendly. This sensory area has musical instruments and other hands-on activities for kids to explore with all of their senses. We loved trying the different instruments and games.

The sensory walk is beautiful, too.
It is filled with many different hands-on activities.
The musical instruments were a lot of fun.

Splash Pad

We think the splash pad is one of the best that we have been to in Utah. It is quite large, so even on busy days there are plenty of places for kids to get wet. There are three main areas to play in at the splash pad. First, there is a large mountain where waterfalls cascade down to drench the kids. You can also walk behind the waterfall. Second, there is a little river with sprayers along the side and stepping stones. Our boys love racing their flip flops in these little water streams.

There is a huge waterfall to walk through, and you can walk behind the waterfall, too!
The waterfall was definitely our boys favorite part.
I loved walking behind the waterfall and not getting wet!
The stream connects the waterfall and the large sprayers.
Or you can just lay down in the river to cool off! Ha ha!!

Finally, there is a spot with large sprayers like a traditional splash pad and water tables. The water tables are super fun for little kids and big kids because there are different things you can do with them. Since there are so many places to splash and get wet, this splash pad entertained my older kids for longer than I expected. There are shaded tables and a shade pavilion, but there is also a lot of sunshine by the splash pad, so make sure to wear hats and sunscreen.

The water tables are a fun place to explore and they are shaded by shade sails.
There are different activities at each of the tables. This one is creating a path to channel the water.
The large sprayers spray a lot of water.

Note on the splash pad: It turns off every day from 2-3 pm for cleaning and maintenance. So make sure to arrive before or after this hour to enjoy the water.

All Abilities

Adventure Heights was designed with all abilities in mind. All areas have wheelchair access with ramps and foam ground beneath the play areas. There is also a special swing for those in wheelchairs. Those who wish to use it must contact the city for a special key.

The family bathrooms have a toddler seat and one of the rooms contains a full-size changing table for bigger kids or even adults that need help changing.

We love the pad underneath the play areas.

Other Amenities

One huge benefit of this park is that there is only one entrance by the parking lot, so it’s easy to keep children inside the large park. We always appreciate parks that have this feature.

There are benches all over the park so parents can watch their kids. There are many shaded picnic tables and a large pavilion. The park also has a walking path that goes around it. It is 2/3 of a mile, and it walks up behind the waterfall splash pad through a mine tunnel. Our boys loved finding gold in the mine.

The walking trail walks right through the gold mine.
The tunnel has gold and dinosaur bones inside.

Adventure Heights All Abilities Park in Spanish Fork is a wonderful new park. Kids of all ages and abilities will enjoy playing and splashing around this new venue. The park is located at 1321 E Canyon Road in Spanish Fork. The park is open from 9 am to dusk, and the splash pad is running from April 15-Sept. 15.

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