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We had an amazing night out with the whole family, but this adventure is perfect for date night! Just Add Chocolate is a new store at the Outlets in Lehi (they also have a location in Provo). The concept is very unique. You go in, make your own hand-dipped chocolates, and enjoy.

We almost wished that we were back in the dating years as we took our kids to Just Add Chocolate. This would be so much fun for a couple of college kids, or even a couple of married “kids” to spend a night out. It would even be a fun girls night out, and they do birthday parties! Best of all, you get to take a pound of your own chocolates home for later!

We visited in 2020, so masks were required. But not anymore.

Just Add Chocolate

When we arrived, our table was all laid out and ready to go. There were aprons, gloves, a tray with wrappers, and lots of chocolate. We watched a short tutorial on how to use the equipment and the four kinds of chocolate that we could make. These included creating your choice of four different kinds of treats.

Everything was set up and ready to go when we arrived. It was awesome!
Our class began with some instructions about how to create all these types of chocolates!

Chocolate Fountain

The first choice was running your choice of items under the chocolate fountain. There were a few dozen choices from chips to twinkies to marshmallows. Each of us tried sending an item through one of the three fountains (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate). Oreos seemed to be a favorite. Mom was excited for chocolate covered cinnamon bears, though.

The chocolate fountains were fun. They had 3 different chocolates going.
These are some of the many treats to cover in chocolate!

Chocolate Cups

The second treat we learned were cups, much like a peanut butter cup. We used a small paper wrapper, put in a bit of our choice of chocolate, added a filling (again, there were many choices), and then added another layer of chocolate on top. We especially loved the coconut and dark chocolate, but they had peanut butter, cookie butter, and many more.

These chocolate cups with stoppers are great for kids to use.
We added a bunch of different flavors to our little cups.
I am making my own version of an Almond Joy.


We also made molded chocolate treats. These were especially popular with our boys. They chose a mold, such as a Y for BYU, or a shape with a sucker stick, poured in the chocolate, and placed it in the freezer. A few minutes later, they popped out a beautiful chocolate in that shape. These are nice for kids because they are simple, and they make fun shapes. Our youngest made all the Harry Potter shapes that he could.

There are so many fun molds for the kids to make.
We of course had to make a BYU mold.
These Harry Potter molds are ready for the fridge.

Dipping Fruit

The final choice was dipping fruit or other items. We dipped a few strawberries and gummy bears, added sprinkles, and had our own delicious treat. There are tons of items to decorate your chocolates to make them fancy and embellished. You can do this with any of the chocolates that you make.

They have a large variety of decorative candy and sprinkles, too.

Final Steps

Once you create a chocolate, you take it to the fridge where it quickly sets up, so you can take it home (make sure to put your name on it). The helpers bring them back to you and then you box them up. At the end of the night, your box is weighed and this affects how much you pay.

Date Nights and Family Nights come with a pound of chocolate for the cost. If your boxes weigh more than a pound, you pay for the extra. We checked the weight of our boxes a few times and ended up going over by 1/4 pound with 5 of us making chocolates. But we could have easily made a ton more stuff!

A yummy box of chocolates to take home.
This would be the best date night.

Great for Kids

When we first listened to the instructions, we were worried about our boys. It seemed a little complicated, but they jumped right in and created. Just Add Chocolate had everything in simple steps and set up so kids can do this. We did help them a little bit with certain things, but it was so much fun. And there are a few helpers walking around if you need help.

Our boys (ages 8-14) loved this activity and can’t wait to go back. They talked about it nonstop for 3 days and told everyone about how much fun they had. We also enjoyed our homemade chocolates for the next few days. We were in chocolate heaven!

Our kids loved every second of this, and so did Mom and Dad.
The inside of his homemade peanut butter cup.

For more information about hours and pricing, visit justaddchocolate.com. You can also purchase already made chocolates at their shop. And if you are looking for other Date Night ideas, check out our post about fun Date Nights in Utah.

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