Camp Floyd State Park

Camp Floyd State Park is a historical park out west of Utah Lake in Fairfield, Utah. There is a lot of history behind this park, and it is a fun place to learn a little more about Utah. Our boys enjoyed participating in the Junior Ranger program, and we had fun eating a picnic lunch on the big lawn area at this state park.

History of Camp Floyd

In the 1850s, President Buchanan was very worried about the “Mormon Rebellion” taking place in Utah. He sent an army out west to crush the rebellion. Brigham Young made it really difficult for the army to get to Utah by setting forest fires, burning Fort Bridger and Fort Supply, and tricking the US Army into believing thousands of men were camped in the canyon (only a few boys tended fires).

Finally, the army agreed not to camp in the Salt Lake Valley or touch anything the saints owned if they could just come into the Territory. The entire army marched down Main Street in Salt Lake City, past the cornerstones of the temple (which were buried) and into Cedar Valley west of Lehi. (Meanwhile, Brigham Young had abandoned the valley, leaving only a few men with torches and instructions to burn everything if the soldiers stopped in Salt Lake). Camp Floyd is where the army encampment cropped up overnight.

The displays in the museum talk about the history of Camp Floyd.

Visit Camp Floyd

At Camp Floyd State Park today, there are some historic buildings to help you learn more about this time in history. Start at the the museum and pay your entrance fee ($10 for families, or $3 per adult and $2 per child). The museum shares a lot of the history mentioned above, but it also has some well preserved items on display. Our boys loved seeing the cannon and the display showing the layout of the camp.

There is also a small gift shop in the museum. They have drinks and treats, and some fun souvenirs like stuffed animals and a cap gun rifle.

Our boys were big fans of the old cannon.
This display has some artifacts found at Camp Floyd.

Stagecoach Inn

Across the street you can walk through the Stagecoach Inn. This Inn was a stop on the Pony Express route. The inn is much like seeing Brigham Young’s house or other pioneer sites with washtubs, chamber pots, and straw beds. There are information signs throughout the inn to help you learn about each room. Make sure to bring your Junior Ranger booklets to complete the scavenger hunt.

The Stagecoach Inn is across the street from the museum.
Don’t forget to ask for a Junior Ranger packet or print it beforehand.
The boys also loved the bullet hole.

School House

Also, be sure to walk around the block or drive past the old school house built in 1898. This building isn’t open for walking through, but we did get a sneak peek inside when we attended a school field trip.

The School House is a block away.
Here is a little peek in the school house from a field trip we attended.


Camp Floyd is a great place to take a picnic. After seeing the buildings, we had a picnic at the park. There used to be a large tree that was 150 years old, but they had to remove the tree a few years ago. The park has a small playground and some picnic tables. There is a lot of shade on one end, and a big grassy area in the middle. They have also added very nice, new restrooms (2023).

There is a small playground near the picnic tables.
That huge tree is no longer there, but there is grass growing back and shade and tables on the other side.

Where is Camp Floyd

To get to Camp Floyd go west on UT-73 past Eagle Mountain about 10 miles to the small town of Fairfield. There are signs on the highway to help you find your way. The address is 69 W Main St., Fairfield, UT.

Programs & Events

Camp Floyd has some fun events throughout the year. They host star parties, lantern tours, campfire programs, and more. Our oldest attended a Johnston’s Arm Encampment Reenactment as an 11-year old Scout. He and his dad camped at Camp Floyd, dressed in army gear, participated in army drills, and ate army food. They had a lot of fun. Check their website for upcoming events.

They make great soldiers.
Everyone does their part at the camp.
This was his favorite part, of course.
This camp was a lot of fun, and our son loved going with his dad.

Tips for Families:

Before you go, print the Junior Ranger booklet and complete the word search, maze, and dot-to-dot before you get to the park. That leaves the question page, letter, and scavenger hunt to complete at the park.

Pack a lunch or at least some snacks. There aren’t a lot of places to eat in Fairfield.

Other activities near Camp Floyd if you’d like to make a day of visiting this area:

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