Sundance Scenic Lift Ride

We love our Utah Mountains, and couples night, or date night, always gives us an opportunity to enjoy being together. Recently, we left the kids at home and took a Sundance Scenic Lift Ride up Provo Canyon. It was the perfect romantic getaway for those who love nature.

We had a blast riding the lift together.

The lift ride starts at the Sundance Resort. You can buy tickets in advance, or you can usually buy them at the small kiosk at the base of the lift. The ride is on the ski-lift, or a bench where two people can sit and dangle their feet. After checking in at the ticket office, head over to the lift. Move into the tram pick up area, sit down when the seat comes, and manage any fear of heights you have. Also, remember that anything that might drop should be carefully clutched close, and flip-flops are an awful idea.

There are three different lifts that you will take to the top of the mountain.
The views at Sundance are beautiful.

A ticket on the Sundance Scenic Lift Ride actually includes three different lifts. The first takes you up to the first ridge. The next actually rides down into the next canyon. The final lift takes you to the summit. There is a short walk between each ride, but the distance is only a matter of meters. We’ve heard tell that you can hike Stewart Falls from one of the lift stations, but we haven’t tried it. Ask a lift operator if you are interested in this option. There is also a zipline tour that utilizes the lifts, so ask about tickets before you start up the lift.

We went at the end of July and the weather was perfect.
You could see for miles.

As we approached the summit, we looked down in the trees to the right. We saw a few dozen deer. Among them were some massive bucks! We also saw some wild turkeys far below, so keep your eyes open. We enjoyed the wildlife, but we really enjoyed the peace, the views, and just being together. The mountains are beautiful and very green in the summer.

You can look back at Deer Creek and Heber Valley.

At the summit after the third lift, we found a restaurant. It’s called Bear Claw. The wait staff was really sweet to us and recommended the nachos. They were delicious and we highly recommend planning nachos for lunch after your lift ride! This restaurant is small, so it’s more like a deli with just a few options for food and drinks. Best of all, you can go outside and eat in one of the most beautiful environments in the world.

This cute restaurant is open during the midday hours at the top of the lift ride.
They have snacks, drinks, treats, and a few food items to order.
These nachos were amazing!
Eating the nachos outside was the real treat.

At the edge of the summit, you can look out over Provo Canyon and Utah Valley. This view alone is worth the trip. And best of all, you can spend time with the one(s) you love! Visit the Sundance Scenic Lift Ride page for more info on dates, times, and pricing. For other great date ideas, check out our Utah Date Nights post.

Riding the Sundance Scenic Lift Ride was such a great activity.

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  1. Nikki

    Trying this next summer, it looks so fun! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We loved it so much, and hope you do, too! It was super fun and so beautiful!