Stewart Falls

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Stewart Falls 15

We love waterfalls, but we’ve been putting off Stewart Falls for a while because we consider it moderate for families. The distance is almost 4 miles out-and-back, and there is some climbing, particularly at the first. This towering waterfall, though, is definitely worth the effort.


To hike Stewart Falls, head up Provo Canyon to the Sundance turnoff. Go left (north) and drive to the pay station. It is $6 to continue up the loop, and some people park outside and walk up, but we always pay because we like our money to go to the trees. Immediately after the fee station, turn left into the parking lot. This is the same parking lot you use for the Timpanogos Falls hike and to hike all the way to the top of Mt. Timpanogos.

Stewart Falls 1
This is the trailhead sign. Don’t get mixed up and head to the top of Timpanogos!
Stewart Falls 2
Just stay to the left and you’ll find Stewart Falls.

The trail starts right next to the bathrooms and immediately turns left and climbs the hillside. This first stretch is the longest steep climb, and it isn’t too bad. The worst part is dodging all the other hikers. On a weekend, there are more people on this trail than at Walmart. The hike continues to follow the hillside going gently up and down. It is pretty rocky at times, and the roots of trees are a trip hazard, so hold hands with little ones. We’ve seen deer, cottontail rabbits, turkeys, and Stellar’s Jays on this trail, so keep your eyes open.

Stewart Falls 3
The first 1/4 mile is the steepest climb. After that, it levels out even though you will climb for a full mile.
Stewart Falls 4
This trail is mostly shady. It weaves in and out of the trees, but in the morning and evening, the hike is pretty cool.
Stewart Falls 16
The trail is super rocky, and full of tree roots, too. Watch your step!

The trail goes in and out of the shade, and we love how green everything is during spring and summer. Our boys even asked if we were walking in a rainforest! Right around the 1 mile mark, the trail starts dropping down to the waterfall. The only bad news is you will have to climb back up on the way out, but luckily it’s not too steep.

Stewart Falls 5
The “rainforest” in Utah!
Stewart Falls 8
We love the ferns here! It is so nice and cool!
Stewart Falls 7
Sometimes you come out into the open and have amazing views.
Stewart Falls 6
You walk right among trees and plants the entire hike.

After nearly two miles, you come around the corner and there it is: The huge crowd of people looking at the waterfall! One of the things we like at Stewart Falls is that there is a beautiful overlook. This comes with a warning, though. The overlook is about 80 feet above the valley floor, and it is a straight drop to the bottom. Don’t let kids wander or get to close to the edge. Many people snap a quick photo and head down to the bottom where you can cool off in the stream and feel the spray on your face.

Stewart Falls 9
There are a few small trail markers like this, but no trails branch off so it’s easy to stay on track.
You will see (and hear) the waterfall before you arrive at the overlook.
You will see (and hear) the waterfall before you arrive at the overlook.
Stewart Falls 11
When you hit the huge shale slide, you are almost there! It’s the landmark that we always watch for.
Stewart Falls 13
There were lots of people milling about to take a family photo for us!
Stewart Falls 14
We had a few grouchy kiddos, so we didn’t hike down, but most people do. If you have the energy to climb back up, definitely go cool off in the river and lower falls.


Stewart Falls is one of the most amazing waterfalls in Utah. The full drop is well over 200 feet (some websites say closer to 300)! This is a pretty straight drop as you can see from the photos. If you are in the area looking to do a hike, you can certainly dazzle with Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon!


For other great waterfall hikes with kids (maybe a little easier than Stewart Falls), check out our list of Easy Waterfall Hikes in Utah.

Stewart Falls 18
Stewart Fall is a beautiful waterfall!
Stewart Falls 17
The trail is SUPER dusty as you can see from the backs of my legs.


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