Springville DUP

The Springville DUP is located in the old public library.

We wanted to check out the Springville Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum for reasons relating to our family history. In reading about our ancestors, we discovered that my great-great-great-great grandfather Abraham Taylor was an original settler of Springville. He set up a foundry and made the metal nails in Utah. They were used in the building of the Provo Tabernacle and many major buildings in early Springville. When I contacted the museum, they also said they had a file on Abraham Taylor I could look at and copy.

The museum itself is located in the old Springville Public Library. Upstairs, there are many donated pioneer artifacts including: nails made by Abraham Taylor, furniture, farm implements, clothing, and pioneer pictures. (I found a picture of my grandma’s grand-aunt.) The ladies that work here are very friendly and helpful. They pulled Abraham’s file, as well as many others on my fan chart, and helped me make several copies (10 cents each) of histories I hadn’t seen before.

There are lots of old pioneer relics…here are some tools.
We liked all the pictures they had hanging throughout the museum.
Dad found lots of great info on his family here.

Meanwhile, another lady took my boys to the basement for pioneer activities. They dressed up as pioneers and pulled a handcart. They played a pioneer game called stick toss. They colored pictures of pioneer scenes. They even made a pioneer yo-yo out of a button and string. We were amazed at how “put-together” this museum is. We were able to browse, interact, and learn about specific ancestors. The only DUP we’ve seen that is this organized is the Daughters of Utah Pioneers headquarters in Salt Lake City.

As a final treat, the lady in charge broke the rules and opened the glass case allowing my boys to touch the nails that were made by their great-great-great-great-great grandfather!

This is a great museum to visit– especially if you have personal history in Springville.

They would have been great pioneers.
They would have been great pioneers.
Our boys loved the coloring pages and games they could play here.
There nails were made by dad’s great-great….grandpa.
It was a special treat that they let us touch them.

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  1. Ellen Clyde

    Thanks for visiting our museum. It’s a great place!