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We took the short drive to Bridal Veil Falls today, and our boys loved it. When I was a boy, we actually rode “the world’s steepest tram” up the mountainside to the top of the falls. The tram, however, is long gone. What makes Bridal Veil Falls great now is that it is so convenient. Just minutes from downtown Provo/Orem is one of the most beautiful falls in the state.

Bridal Veil Falls is beautiful.

Take 8th North in Orem up Provo Canyon and follow the signs. Take the exit for Nunns Park & Bridal Veil Falls. There is a small parking lot for Bridal Veil Falls as you exit the canyon road. Park here at the picnic area and walk through the park, and up the trail for about a 1/4 mile.

The trail is shady and flat. It is also paved since it is part of the Provo River Parkway, so it is accessible to everyone. We love slowly strolling along the trail, looking into the river, walking on the bridges, and just enjoying nature here. This spot can be quite busy, so we recommend going during the week or at off times to avoid huge crowds.

The trail is generally well shaded and beautiful.
The trail is generally well shaded.

The hike quickly comes to the foot of a towering cascade that is really more like three waterfalls than one. You can see the top of the falls coming over the edge on the skyline. Lower down is the “veil,” so named because it resembles a brides wedding veil, and down at the bottom a smaller falls tumbles over the rocks into a wading pool.

That's our 6 year-old climbing on the rock.
That’s our 6 year-old climbing on the rock.

You are welcome to wade here by the bridge and rock-hop around below the falls. It’s a great spot to cool off in the summer. There used to be a little fish pond, but it is no longer there. A little past Bridal Veil Falls is a trail that heads up to get a closer look at the falls. We have never done this trail with out kids.

Yikes! That water is freezing.
Yikes! That water is freezing.
All boys love to climb on rocks, right?
All boys love to climb on rocks, right?
There is a large area at the base of the falls to get your feet wet.
Bridal Veil Falls is such a great family spot.

Our boys loved this waterfall and begged to go back before we even mentioned we were leaving. We have returned many times and love this waterfall in any season.We have even hiked to Bridal Veil Falls in the Winter. Another short hike nearby is Upper Falls if you are looking for another adventure.

We always enjoy this waterfall.

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