American Fork Canyon Nature Trail (Swinging Bridge)

One of our favorite easy walks is the American Fork Canyon Nature Trail, or sometimes called the Swinging Bridge Trail. At just a quarter mile (1 way) it is an easy and enjoyable walk. You can start at the Swinging Bridge Picnic area or the parking lot just before the Timpanogos Cave parking lot. We began at the picnic area which meant we started at number 12 and worked our way backward.

American Fork Canyon nature trail
We started at the picnic area. The river runs along the trail most of the way.

There is a trail guide, so make sure to pick a pamphlet up and read about the canyon at each number. The trail is paved, and we pushed our stroller the entire way. The only wildlife we saw was a few squirrels and a big spider, but we enjoyed walking near the river for most of the hike. Our boys liked the bridges at either end. We also talked about the different types of trees on the trail (Don’t know a lot about trees? Don’t worry! The trail guide gives you lots of hints).

American Fork Canyon nature trail
Grab a pamphlet at the beginning of the trial and learn about the canyon as you hike.
American Fork Canyon nature trail
Checking out pinecones as we read about the trees along the trail.

One nice thing about this hike is it’s free. American Fork Canyon charges daily use fees, but certain areas no longer require payment. This is one of them because it is part of the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Just let them know at the fee station where you are headed. Or if you have a National Parks pass, you can enter American Fork Canyon at any time for FREE.

The picnic area was nice and shady, so take a snack or lunch to enjoy at the beginning, middle, or end of your hike depending on where you start. There are also bathrooms available. This hike is a great, easy way to get your family out into nature.

American Fork Canyon nature trail
The swinging bridge doesn’t swing, but walking over the river is fun.
American Fork Canyon nature trail
We took a little side trail, and even pushed the stroller through it. We are adventurous!
American Fork Canyon nature trail
We loved the trail right by the beautiful mountains.
The shady picnic area is nice.

We hiked the American Fork Canyon nature trail in the winter, too! If you are interested in trying winter hiking, this is a great starter hike. Read more here. Or if you are looking for more stroller friendly hikes, we have a big list!

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