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The Escape Date is a new escape room location in Pleasant Grove. We went to check out their escape rooms and were impressed with how creative the puzzles were and how family-friendly everything is. As the name suggests, the rooms are built so that you can solve the puzzles on a date with just two people. The owners of Escape Date are so nice, they even have a discount code for our readers to use when trying an escape room. See below for full details.

The Escape Date is great for dates because when you schedule your tickets your party is the only one in the room. We’ve been frustrated before when scheduling escape rooms because they want to combine us with another party so they can fill the room. Sometimes you even have to pay for an entire company of 6-8 people, even though there will only be you and your date in the room. The Escape Date goes out of their way to let you schedule it the way you want. This means that you and your date can have the room to yourself, or you can bring the whole family.

We went as a whole family, but this is great for date nights or family outings.

We chose to bring the whole family because the rooms at The Escape Date are all family-friendly. The room that we tried on our first visit was organized around the story of a magician’s stolen hat. We had an hour to solve puzzles in route to finding that hat. There were no zombies, no scary bad guys, and no buzzing alarms to put pressure on our little ones. Another room is a candy shop mystery. We haven’t tried this room yet, but some of the puzzles involve the colors, smells, and tastes of candy, so our boys are really excited to go back. There is also a 60s style motel room escape puzzle that is more grown-up themed.

There is a short video to get you started.
We began by looking around for clues to solve.
Here is a sneak peek of the candy room. We can’t wait to try it out.
All finished!

We won’t spoil any of the puzzles, but we were impressed by the diversity of the riddles. The the usual locks and codes were mixed in with some pretty creative ideas! Of course, the owner of The Escape Date created, designed, and decorated each room, so the puzzles are all from his own brain.

By the way, we did find the missing hat before time expired. We needed a few hints along the way. At one point we got stuck, so we pushed a button on the wall and a note was pushed under the door. It didn’t give us an answer, but helped us think about the problem in a new way. Since you’re being monitored on video, the proprietor knows exactly what you’re working on and can personalize the hint for you. It was really fun!

We were given a clue on this little card when we were stuck.
Our youngest tried to perform magic tricks once we found the hat.

We are adding The Escape Date to our list of Date Night Ideas in Utah. The rooms are clean and fun, the owners are kind and creative, the puzzles are unique, and everything is family-friendly. We will definitely go back soon to try another room. Use our code “Adventure” to save 20% off booking a room for 4 or more people. If you decide to do a double date, make sure to book all at once so you will all be in the same room.

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