Things to do with Toddlers

The kids are in school. Now what? My toddler looked at me and said, “Mom, what are we going to play today?” After a few hours of playing and doing chores, I realized that sometimes we are going to need time for adventures. I can only play dress up or drive cars for so long before I need a break. Here are some ideas for spending time with toddlers while the rest of the kids are in school.

Things to do with Toddlers

Visit the Library:

Things to do with Toddlers

Most cities have libraries filled with books, but they also have story times and other toddler programs. We have visited many different programs in libraries and we always have a great time. So call or visit your local library and start attending story time today. This is the perfect place to create a love of books, and also prepare them a little bit for school (sitting down and listening).

Story Time 3
We think Lehi City has the best story times ever!

Play at a Park:

We love going to parks and exploring. Toddlers love to climb and learn about their bodies. Utah is filled with lots of fun parks. Here are a few of our favorites that we think your toddler will love, too.

Firefighter's Park
Firefighter’s Park
  • Ryan’s Place Park in Logan: This fun park has a separate section for Toddlers.
  • Firefighters Park in Bountiful: Park that looks like a Fire Engine
  • Wheadon Farm Park in Draper: This park is perfect size for toddlers, and the farm theme is awesome.
  • Shay Park in Saratoga Springs: Park that looks like a Train
  • Wines Park in Lehi: This park has lots of shade and a small toddler play area.
  • North Park in Provo: Updated recently just for young kids!
  • Legacy Farms Park in Mapleton. Similar to Wheadon Farm Park, but in Utah County.
  • Park Discovery in Cedar City has lots of places to climb and play, even for toddlers.
  • Thunder Junction in St. George is an all abilities park, so there are lots of great options for little ones.
  • For our complete list of parks, visit our Parks tab.
Ryan's Place Park
Ryan’s Place Park

Go to a Hands-on/Interactive Museum:

Utah is filled with amazing hands-on museums, probably because we have a lot of kids in our state. The interactive museums are great for toddlers because they are allowed to touch and explore. So find a fun museum near you, and let your toddler learn about something new. Here are our favorite interactive museums.

Water Works kid table. Awesome!
Water Works toddler table in the Museum of Natural Curiosity.

Take a Nature Walk:

Spending time outdoors always brightens everyone’s day. Even in the winter, you can still bundle up and walk around your neighborhood. We encourage you to take your toddlers out into nature. Find a duck pond, go on a short hike, walk to a friend’s house, whatever you do to go out and enjoy some fresh air.

Bicentennial Park in Provo

Our toddlers love when we have a little scavenger hunt as we walk. Grab a clipboard and tie a pencil or crayon to the clip, so it won’t get lost. Print out one of our simple nature scavenger hunts by season, and have your toddler look for things around them. Allow them to take time and watch insects, or even collect leaves. Nature Walks and scavenger hunts are one of our favorite toddler adventures. One nature scavenger hunt printable that we like is from Parents. This one is for Fall. They also have one for Winter, Spring, and Summer.

Nature Walk 7
Going on a scavenger hunt in our backyard!

Here are some of our favorite places for nature “walks” throughout Utah. Some of these are hikes, and others are parks with little nature trails. For a list of 24 Awesome Toddler hikes, check out this post.

There are so many great little places to explore!
There are so many great little places to explore!

Free Outings

Most hikes and parks are free, but these are some of our favorite free indoor activities to help us get out of the house for a few minutes with young ones.

There is a section with African Animals.

Adventures at Home:

Science Experiments with Colors

We know that not every day can involve an outing. We all have things we need to get done. You can still have fun with your toddler at home. Here are three simple things that we do, and they use items you will have in your home right now.

Play dough:

Things to do with Toddlers 5

The best recipe for play dough that I found is on Dresses N Messes. This recipe lasts forever in a Ziplock baggie, and it’s easy to make. My kids love that you can make it any color that you want. Right now, we have blue, but we have made almost every color in the rainbow. It is also easy to clean up, and it washes right out of clothes!

We love playing with play dough.
We love playing with play dough.

Science Experiments:

Fill the bottom of the plate with milk. Have your child drop in different colors with the food coloring. Then add one drop of dish soap to the middle of the plate, and watch the magic milk.
Magic Milk Experiment

My boys love science experiments, and my toddler loves when we do experiments that he can do on his own. So I put together a list of our favorite science experiments for toddlers, and they all use color! This makes the experiments so exciting!

Science Experiments with Colors
Surprise Colors!

Forts/Camping indoors:

Things to do with Toddlers 2

One way that I am able to keep my toddler busy for quite sometime is when we build a fort, or we pretend we are camping inside. So grab some pillows and blankets, drape them over tables and chairs, and put a little lantern on flashlight inside with some books and a snack. He loves this!

Things to do with Toddlers 3
He loves to make a little bed inside and spend the morning playing in his fort.
The big kids love forts too!
The big kids love forts too!

Picnic in the Backyard:

My littlest one asks almost every day if we can have a picnic in the backyard. It is such an easy adventure! I just lay out a blanket, take his lunch outside, and we sit together in the sunshine. So simple, yet it makes for a very happy toddler!

Things to do with Toddlers 2
Things to do with Toddlers
We love picnics in the backyard.


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