Rocky Mouth Falls

Near the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon is a short hike beginning in a residential neighborhood that leads to a beautiful little waterfall. Rocky Mouth Falls is a short hike with lots of fun for the family.


The Rocky Mouth Falls begins right on Wasatch Blvd. To get to the trailhead, take Wasatch Blvd. to 11250 South. There is a small parking lot labeled Rocky Mouth Falls. Park here and walk up the stairs. Look out for wildlife– we saw several Western Scrub Jays (blue) and a squirrel that leaped over our heads from one tree to another in the trees by the parking lot.

These are the stairs up into the neighborhood.
These are the stairs up into the neighborhood. This is a Fall picture.
This is in the Spring. There are 82 steps up to the sidewalk.

At the top of the steps, you run into a residential neighborhood. Turn right on the sidewalk and stay on the right hand side on the road as it curves around to the east. The trailhead starts between two fences and is clearly marked. (Note: it is illegal to park on the street here for the hike, and it would only save about 1 block of walking.)

This sign is at the top of the steps and points you in the right direction.
It is a beautiful neighborhood to walk through right next to the mountains.
The hike starts by that sign.
The hike starts by the brown signs.
When you turn onto the trail by the sign, there are about 30 more steps to climb here.
The trail is uphill for quite awhile, but it’s so short and it’s such a beautiful walk in the fall, you hardly notice the climb.

Rocky Mouth Falls trail is rocky and it is an uphill climb, but this hike is only about 0.4 mile to the waterfall. The trail is well marked and easy to follow, and there are some beautiful views along the way. Once you see the river, the trail levels out a bit, and we usually have to pause to throw a rock or two in to the water.

The trail was so green when we hiked in the Spring, but we also loved hiking in the Fall because of all the colors.

As you turn the corner, you will be able to hear, and possibly see, the waterfall. Before you make it to Rocky Mouth Falls, you will see two little “caves” on the left hand side of the trail.  Neither “cave” is deep enough to actually be a called a cave. Still, the boys felt like regular spelunkers, and were excited to explore.

Rocky Mouth Falls
This is one of the “caves” for the kids to explore.
This is the other “cave” along the trail.

The waterfall is quite beautiful, and is sort of a carved out grotto that cascades down a good 30+ feet. We have hiked this waterfall in all types of conditions. In a wet spring, we had to avoid some water along the trail, but the waterfall was really rushing. It was hard to get too close to the falls when it was so powerful, but it was quite the sight to see. In a dry year, we went in the summer, and there wasn’t even really a trickle. We climbed right up and looked at the moss. And we also hiked in the Fall, when the waterfall was smaller, but still fun. We were able to climb up by the waterfall then without getting wet. We enjoyed this hike every time we have been, no matter the water level.

Our 10 year old did not want to get his feet wet.  He is clinging on to the rocks to avoid the water on the trail.
This pic was taken in the Spring 2017, and the waterfall was beautiful and rushing.
This photo was in Summer 2015 when it had been a really dry year. Not much water, but still fun to climb up and see the pools at the top.
Rocky Mouth Falls in the Fall 2012.

Rocky Mouth Falls is definitely one more of Utah’s little gems– short, accessible, and absolutely beautiful. This is one of the first hikes we recommend when people ask for a great family hike.

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