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Beus Pond | Ogden

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2021)

Beus Pond is located in Ogden. The reason we decided to visit this pond was we heard they had wild wood ducks. We have never seen wood ducks in Utah, they are very rare, and so we wanted to see them while they nested at the pond for the winter.  

We really enjoyed feeding the ducks and geese at Beus Pond.

This pond was a lot of fun, even in the winter. There are plenty of ducks and geese to feed–so don’t forget to bring some duck food or healthy treats like cut up grapes or lettuce. We had to fight the geese, and my boys were frightened of their loud honking. There is a nice path around the pond with tons of bird houses in the trees. In the spring and summer, there is sure to be lots of wildlife here.

The birds were very loud and aggressive.
The female has beautiful blue feathers.
The male wood duck is so colorful.
We came to see these beautiful wood ducks.

You can also use the playground, which we did not try out in the winter, and a large field and pavilion.  There were quite a few people walking the path while we were there. We are going to go back and visit this pond in the spring. My grandparents live close by, so we have a reason to make the long trek.

The path around the pond is a nice place to walk.

This pond is just East of Harrison Blvd behind Weber State University. If you get on Harrison, turn East on Country Hills (which is 4200 South). Stay on the road until you see an old wooden fence and a sign that says Beus Pond next to a small parking lot. You can use the map on Ogden City’s website to help you find your way.

The ducks were not afraid of us!

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