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One of the first places we visited when we began our blog was Kangaroo Zoo. Our boys love running around and playing indoors. There are tons of places for kids to burn off a bunch of energy. Kangaroo Zoo has two locations, Pleasant Grove and North Salt Lake. We visited the Pleasant Grove location.

This is what you see when you walk into Kangaroo Zoo! My boys get excited!

Our boys went CRAZY when we walked in! They love bounce toys, and for the next two hours they literally ran from slide to slide. After two hours they were looking a little tired (and very thirsty), but I think they could have kept going if I hadn’t been ready to head out.

Our boys love the big slides!
There are obstacle courses, too.
Kangaroo Zoo has a big variety of places to play.

There is a huge climbing play area, too. This was our older boys favorite part as they explored and went through the different obstacles. The play area has three different levels with tunnels, obstacles, and slides. And then there are two big slides to get out of the play area.

The play area is big!
There is a lot of crawling and climbing through the play land.
Mom and Dad came to play, too.
Even our teenager had fun!

Kangaroo Zoo has labeled a few bounce houses for smaller kids. These houses are set aside for kids 6 and under so they don’t have to bounce with bigger kids. When our kids were little, we always appreciated having a calmer place for them.

Make sure to find the smaller houses for your little ones.

There are some arcade games that our boys really wanted to play, but we didn’t spend any money on them this visit. If your kids are big fans of these types of games, plan on spending few dollars to load an arcade card for them.

Make sure to pay for a card at the front desk for the arcade games.

We recommend avoiding Saturdays if possible because there are always lots of birthday parties and people.

There are also a few concessions to buy, but no outside food or drink is allowed. There are restrooms and a drinking fountain.

Kangaroo Zoo is a fun spot for kids to bounce and play. It is part of the Get Out Pass, so we used our pass to cover our admission. Check their website for current prices and hours. If you are looking for other places where you kids can be active indoors, visit our post on Places to Wear Your Kids out.

Kangaroo Zoo is a fun place to play.

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  1. Melanie

    You guys are so quick to blog! It was so fun to go with you!