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There is a new trail in the Corner Canyon trail system in Draper. The Jungle Trail is a trail built for kids. In fact, the sign even says the trail is for the “young and adventurous” to experience the natural environment.

Reminder: We were contacted by Draper City letting us know that this trail is not being treated kindly. Please stay along the trail. You can walk in the huts and jump on stumps, but don’t climb in areas that are off the main path. The creek is in a watershed area, so they have had to fence it off because people were getting in the water, so the bridge is no longer accessible.

In order to get to the Jungle Trail, go to the Carolina Hills trailhead. The Jungle Trail is in the middle of the junipers. Follow the trail described below until you get to the beginning.


The hike begins at the Carolina Hills trailhead, which is at the end of a street. There is parking and room for about 15 cars. There are 3 paths that share this trailhead. As you stand looking at the trail sign, one trail goes up to the left to the wide horse path. One trail goes down to the right, and one trail is in between those two in the middle and to the left of the sign. We took the middle trail. Follow the middle trail until you get to a sign about horses and a junction with that wide trail you saw at the beginning. Head right at the sign onto the wide trail. There is one more junction where you need to stay left. The trail begins out in the open, but after you head left there is a little more shade.

The trail begins here (we took the trail that is behind my boys). The parking area is right next to the trailhead.
There are 3 trails. One heads down to the right, one heads up to the left, and one in the middle. Take this middle trail.
Soon you’ll come to this sign. Take a right. Then stay to the left at the next junction where there are no signs.
There is a small holding pond shortly after you head left at the final junction.
The trail is more shaded after the first quarter mile.

There is poison ivy along the trail. It is all clearly marked with signs, and as long as you stay on the trail, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Watch for these signs that mark the poison ivy. Remember, “leaves of three, let it be.”

After about 0.4 miles, the trail comes to the Jungle Trail. There is a sign on the righthand side of the trail. Head into the Jungle Trail at the sign and have fun.

Soon after the poison ivy signs, the Jungle Trail comes up on the right.

Jungle Trail

The Jungle Trail is shaded, has logs to climb over, and forts to hide in. We have heard that the tire swing is no longer around, but we are going to hike this trail again to check it out. We had a great time hopping on stumps, and exploring huts. This trail is only 0.1 miles long, but we spent most of our time playing and adventuring on the jungle trail.

Make sure to read the sign about young adventurers as you head into the Jungle.
There are lots of trees to duck under.
Tons of places like this to explore. It was so much fun for kids!
The stumps to leap on are fun, even for adults!
This trail was built for kids. I had to duck under all these trees.
The tire swing was a huge hit with our boys!

Shortly after the tire swing the trail ends. You will come to another Jungle Trail sign because this trail can actually be done as a loop. We recommend hiking the trail out and back. After you are done playing in the Jungle Trail, just turn around and hike back the way you came. This is the most shady, and the easiest. It makes the hike 1.0 mile round trip, which is just right for toddler hikers.

We recommend turning around at the end of the Jungle Trail

Loop Trail

If you really want to follow the loop trail, continue on the trail past the Jungle Trail entrance sign after walking through the Jungle. This trail walks along the hillside and there are many times you can see the trail that leads out to Jungle Trail. You can even see your car.

The trail leaves the Jungle Trail and walks along the hillside.
We could see the trail we came in on, so we knew we weren’t going to get lost.

After a short distance, you’ll come to a sign that says Creekview and then head down (take the right trail) to the wider bike trail. Cross the bike trail to the other side and continue on the narrow trail as it heads back up the mountain. Next cross a small bridge, pass another trail sign, and then climb back up to where you started. This makes the loop 1.25 miles, which isn’t very far, but it does have more up and down climbing which is tricker for small kids. That is why we recommend hiking out and back from the Jungle Trail.

This is the sign that says Creekview and then you head down to the main trail.
Cross the super wide trail and take that small trail shown behind my boys.
Pass this sign. Stay right and head back up to your car.
This bridge crosses a dry wash. There was no water when we hiked.
The trail comes to this trailhead and behind this house. Keep heading up to the right.
Finally, you arrive back at the trailhead. This loop trail is longer and more uphill.

Directions & Tips

The Carolina Hills Trailhead is located in a neighborhood. The address we used to find the trailhead was 13625 Carolina Hill Ct. Draper, UT.

  • Hike in the morning or evening. This trail would be hot in the heat of summer since the shade is limited.
  • For more fun summer hikes, check out our list of 12 Easy Summer Hikes in Utah.
The Jungle Trail is the perfect trail for kids!

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  1. Leidy van Ispelen

    My younger kids enjoyed this hike today 4/4/22. From their report the tire swing is still not there.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thanks for the update!!

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    This was so informative! We had a lot of fun, thanks for sharing.