North Park Provo | Unlimited Play Area

Provo just redid the playground at North Park and created the Unlimited Play Area. This park is now all-abilities accessible and has new equipment. Fortunately they left the large trees, so there is lots of shade. If you have younger children, North Park Unlimited Play Area is perfect for kids 8 and under.

The mountains are a beautiful background to this park.

The play equipment is geared for younger kids. The playgrounds are smaller and the toys are little. There is a small water feature that is fun for kids to splash in a bit. This playground has two ziplines, lots of swings, and big fun slide. This was by far the most popular spot in the park. North Park Unlimited Play Area also has lots of spinning toys for kids to play on, and get dizzy.

This park is built with younger kids in mind.
The huge slide was a big hit with all the kids.
There is a lot to do at this park.
The ziplines are fun.

My favorite part of the park was the shade. Most of the park has large, shady trees that provide shade for most areas of the park. I love that the city incorporated the trees into the play area, too. Instead of removing the large, shady trees, they built the playground around the trees. My boys thought this was so cool.

My boys loved that the trees were part of the play area.
There are cute little decorations around North Park in Provo, too.
Keep an eye out for this cute little home.

The shade also makes North Park in Provo a great for a picnic. There are picnic tables throughout the park, as well as two large pavilions. This park also has restrooms and open grass areas. It is located on the corner of 500 N and 500 W in Provo and is right next to the Provo Rec Center and Provo Pioneer Village, which are two other spots we love to visit.

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There are two pavilions and picnic tables throughout the park.
There are lots of little individual toys throughout the play area.

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