What to Do at Gardner Village

Gardner Village is a historic spot in West Jordan. This little village has lovely shops and great restaurants, but we really come for all of the amazing decorations and events. We look forward to all of the fun activities, and there are some awesome things to see just walking through the village. Most of the things we like are free, or at least cheap, so it’s definitely a family-friendly adventure.

Here are a few of the things that we love to do at Gardner Village. You can read more about each of these locations or events by clicking the links.

Woodland Fairies (June)

Visit the Fairies and join the Fairy Parade. We love all of the different fairy homes, and the A to Z fairy scavenger hunt. Free.

Historic Scavenger Hunt (July)

You can actually do the historic scavenger hunt any time, but we like to go in July when the village is all decked out in Red, White, and Blue. Free.

Witches (October)

The witches are so fun to find doing crazy things throughout the village. And WitchFest is a HUGE deal at Gardner Village. There are tons of events happening all through October. Free.

Elves (December)

Bundle up and go find the elves visiting Gardner Village. There is always a scavenger hunt and fun holiday decor. Free.

Train Shoppe

The Train Shoppe is one of the stores at Gardner Village. This is a fun adventure, too. Inside there are mini trains to drive, and they have a little train you can ride around the village. We always take a few dollars to spend at the Train Shoppe.

Farm at Gardner Village

The Farm at Gardner Village is a rescue farm. You can buy a cup of food, and then walk through and feed different animals. They have quite a variety. They also offer pony rides.


We like just strolling through the village. There are great stores to stop in and look around. Our boys enjoy walking over the bridges and along the small river. There are always fish, and sometimes frogs or snakes. There are great photo spots all over. We almost always get a treat at the Chocolate Covered Wagon Candy store. Free (except for candy).

Ricochet Canyon

There is a little amusement park that has been added called Ricochet Canyon. It has a few fun rides, activities for families, and a petting zoo.

Mystique Dining

If you are looking for a great date night, we highly recommend Mystique Dining. It is a fancy dinner and a magic show. We loved it! It is definitely a little pricier for families, so save for date nights and special occasions. It is definitely worth it.

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