Ryan’s Place Park in Logan

Ryan’s Place Park is right behind these happy kids!

We visited an amazing new park this week in Cache Valley, and the Ryan’s Place Park has quite a history.


In 2007 a two-year old boy named Ryan drowned. His parents wanted to do something to memorialize Ryan, and since he loved to be outside and visit the park, they thought they might donate a swing to a park with a sign dedicated to Ryan. They had some fund-raisers and got a few businesses on board, and before they knew it, Ryan’s Place had grown to a beautiful park. Volunteers came together to build the park, and it may be the best children’s park we’ve ever been to. (It’s a lot like Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove.)

Watch for this sign just before you reach 600 E.
There is a sign that explains the history of this park, but watch for this brick that honors little Ryan.
The park has so many extra things to add to the fun atmosphere.

Ryan’s Place has two sections: the smaller is for toddlers and the larger is for kids 5-12. In the toddler section there are swings, including one for special needs children, a short climbing area with small slides, and a lemonade stand with one of those underground pipe telephones. It also has a small sand area.

This is the toddler area. Everything is just a little smaller. Our three year-old loved the sand area by the dinosaur bones.
This plane (and a boat) are just outside of the toddler area, but they are perfect for the younger kids.

The large section is filled with slides, monkey bars, a tower with Rapunzel at the top, and a huge rocket. There were lots of slides, and different climbing structures. One of the things that our boys loved was the mister. There was one in the toddler area, too. You could push a button and misting water would come up. Perfect for a hot day.

Ryan’s Place Park is huge! Lots of playing area!
There are slides all over the place.
My boys played a game with their dad of walking from one side of the park to the other and back again without touching the ground.
There are swings next to the large area, and four swings in the toddler area, too.
Even in October, we enjoyed the cool of the misters!

The park is built to last. It is in fabulous condition! The entire park is made of Trex so there will be no slivers from wood. The community definitely keeps the park looking nice. There are benches around for parents to sit and watch their children. This park is fenced all the way around. There are two exits…one small one in the back and one large one in the front. Many parents were parked by the front exit so no one could escape and I hardly noticed the other exit, so kids probably wouldn’t know it was there either. There are bathrooms right next to the park, and it’s part of a larger park so there are pavilions, baseball fields, and another tiny playground.

This park is amazing.
Ryan’s Place Park is a smaller part of Heber Olson Park.

Ryan’s Place Park is located at 400 S 600 E in River Heights (a community outside of Logan). As you come into Logan, turn on 700 E and follow it east over to 400 S. Head north on 400 S and the park comes up on the left. If you get to 600 E, you just passed it!

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