Paul Ream Wilderness Park in Provo


Sometimes I think my favorite parks are the ones where you find a little wilderness just a few blocks away from the 1-15. It’s almost like I appreciate these areas a little bit more because they are fighting so hard not to be taken over by city life. That is how I felt when we arrived at the Paul Ream Wilderness Park in Provo. It was like a piece of the mountains next to the busy Center Street exit in Provo.


When you arrive at the Paul Ream Wilderness Park, you’ll pull into the large parking area. Right in   front of you will be The Provo River Parkway and the Provo River. When we got out of the car, we got really excited at the beautiful surroundings we could see. My boys had so much fun throwing rocks, looking for fish, and enjoying the river while we were here. There are a few places where you can safely climb down to the edge of the river’s edge, but we did go in October. In Spring, I’m sure the river is raging, so be careful!  One of the fun things about this park is that you have to cross the river to get to the park area. We liked looking at the ducks and fish from the bridge and of course, taking pictures!

Paul Ream Wilderness Park
The Provo River Parkway goes right past the Paul Ream Wilderness park, so you can hike or bike while you’re here if you want.
Paul Ream Wilderness Park
We had fun climbing down by the river in a few different places.
Paul Ream Wilderness Park
We spotted some pretty huge fish from this bridge!
It was such a pretty park!

Once you are on the other side of the river, you will see large grassy areas and three big pavilions with picnic tables. There is also a playground and bathrooms. The playground is a standards playground, but we really loved the 3 slide section. My boys said it was like Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear slides, and they had to take turns going down each one. And there was even one other slide on the other side of the playground. There were also a few swings in the playground area.

The park is quite large and there is lots of grass for playing games.
The playground and swings were in pretty good shape.
We loved this three lane slide!

Another highlight of this park is the duck pond. So not only do you have the river where ducks like to swim, but there is a small duck pond where LOTS of ducks like to swim. There is a little trail that walks around the duck pond and we had ducks following us, but we didn’t bring any treats for the ducks. Luckily for my boys, the nicest mom and little boy came to the pond with three loaves of bread and they gave each of my boys a few slices to share with the ducks. They were ecstatic and so I’m determined to pay it forward and bring extra duck snacks everywhere we go now! And yes, I know that bread isn’t the best food for ducks. Some healthier options are: cut up grapes, oats, bird seed, chopped lettuce or salad greens, or rice. Anyway, the duck pond is definitely fun, so be prepared!

This is the duck pond. You can follow this trail around the pond.
The ducks were excited once the bread came out!

This park also has another section behind the playground that has picnic tables and bbqs on cement pads. There are tons of trees here so it is the perfect place for a picnic. We found a little trail that wound behind the tables, and walked next to a small stream. There were a few little bridges that crossed over the stream and we enjoyed exploring underneath the trees. It was especially beautiful with the leaves beginning to change!

This trail walks through the trees and next to a stream.
There are about 10 picnic areas like this spread throughout these huge shady trees!
There are a few places where you can cross the stream over to the picnic tables from the trail.

Paul Ream Wilderness Park is an amazing place. There is a ton of stuff to do and I think children of all ages would enjoy this park. We can’t wait to go back!


Directions: Exit 1-15 at the Provo Center Street exit and head east. Once you cross back on the off ramp, take your first left onto Independence Ave (You have to be in the left lane and be ready to turn…it comes up quickly). Follow this road to 500 N and turn right (east). The park is on your left. There is a big sign and huge parking lot–you can’t miss it!

This is the sign by the park!
Paul Ream Wilderness Park is a beautiful spot in Provo!


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