Wines Park | Lehi

We love to go to the park. And we have a park in our neighborhood, but it is privately paid for by our HOA, so I can’t tell you all about it. But our next favorite park is Wines Park in Lehi. It has a lot of shade, lots of grass, great playgrounds, and four pavilions. Wines Park is a great park for families.

One reason Wines Park is a favorite is that there are two separate playgrounds. One that is a little smaller for tinier kids and a larger playground for your older kids to play on. There are also lots of swings and benches for parents to relax while they watch the kids wear themselves out. We like that we can sit on most benches and see both playgrounds so we can keep an eye on all of our kiddos.

Wines Park has a new playground.
The new playground at Wines Park is three stories!
Wines Park has a toddler playground.
The little playground is perfect for toddlers. Our two year old loves the “house!”
This park is open, so you can see your kids everywhere.
I am sitting by the little playground and could still see my two older boys.
The new play equipment makes this park so fun.
Everyone loved the bridge on the new equipment.

We eat lots of picnics here because there are huge shade trees. It is one of the shadiest parks we have visited. There are also bathrooms. So if you ever want to try a new park, our family recommends Wines Park in Lehi!

There are a huge variety of playground toys to play with.
There are some new fun climbing and spinning toys.
The new playground at Wines Park has lots of slides.
One side of the playground has two slides together so you can race down.

You can reserve the pavilions for a fee, but most times you can show up and just eat lunch. The Pavilions are really nice and have drinking fountains by them.

Wines Park has 4 pavilions.

Wines Park is located at 100 E 600 N in Lehi, Utah. For other fun parks, visit our list of favorite parks in Utah County.

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