Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

We were searching for things to do on a recent trip to Capitol Reef when we ran across the website for Circle Cliff Ranch. Located just outside Bicknell, Circle Cliff raises alpacas. We decided to schedule an appointment to stop by. We were so glad we did.

The alpacas are super friendly!

We knocked on the door and Diena, a retired educator came to give us a tour. She was so good with our boys and asked them what they wanted to do. Then she allowed them to use the pitchforks to take some hay to the alpacas. Though the boys weren’t much good with the forks, they certainly enjoyed trying.

The big boys were excited to use pitchforks.
Our youngest wheeled the hay right into the middle of the alpacas.
He had no fear! He went right in and started being the farmer.

The alpacas were a little interested in the hay, but we could tell they were waiting for something better. Next she helped the boys fill buckets of pellets. The alpacas were much more excited for the pellets. They ate right out of our hands! It was fun to watch the kids interact with them. They really seemed more like pets than farm animals. Honestly, they are almost human!

They ate right out of our hands.
Our boys really loved interacting with the alpacas.
Dad became buddies with this alpaca.
Our youngest was a natural. The alpacas just flocked to him.
Mom got in on the action, too!

Next we had the opportunity to feed a few carrots to the alpacas. This was the highlight for us and the alpacas! They crowded around us, jockeying for position to get as many carrots as they could. Our boys were giggling the whole time. You could tell that these alpacas are well loved and cared for. Diena was so kind and patient with them, and they all had names.

The alpacas were really excited for the carrots!
Our middle child was a little more timid, but he loved feeding the carrots to the alpacas.
The boys and girls are separated right now, so this is the boy area!

Last of all the boys got to gather eggs from the chicken coop. They’d never had real farm experiences like this before, and they were a little surprised that the eggs came in green, brown, and blue. Best of all, we were given the eggs to take on our camping adventure. They were fresh and delicious.

We fed the chickens before we gathered their eggs.
Our boys were so excited to find the eggs throughout the chicken coop.

Before we left, Diena also took the time to teach our boys more about the alpacas. We got a demonstration of how sheep and alpaca wool is different. She showed us how she uses the wool to make yarn, and then dyes it different colors, and even makes beautiful hats. We loved hearing the different things she uses for dye like Kool-Aid!

Alpaca wool is WAY nicer than sheep wool. We were amazed at how much softer and cleaner it was.
The different colors were beautiful.

Circle Cliff Ranch is an awesome place to take you kids. The owners were so sweet and personal with us. They were amazing with our boys: asking questions, teaching them about the alpacas, and making the experience so fun. They do require an appointment, so use the link to the website to send an email or call. They also sell the alpaca wool and Diena makes homemade products such as hats that can be purchased on their site. We loved Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas, and we hope that you’ll give them a call! Donations are welcome if you decide to visit.

The alpacas were so curious about my camera.
They kept getting right next to it to see what I was doing! It made me laugh.


Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas is located near Torrey, Utah at Mile Marker 63 along Highway 24.




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