Wheadon Farm Park

Wheadon Farm Park is a great place for toddlers and young kids to play and explore.

Salt Lake County has been building lots of fun parks lately including Wardle Fields Regional Park and Lodestone Park. Wheadon Farm Park was completed this spring, and we finally went to check it out. This park is built on farm property that used to belong to the Wheadon family, so it is built with a farm theme.


The highlight of this park is the actual tractor that kids can climb on and pretend to drive. The boys that I was playing with at the park spent a lot of time playing “farmer” on the tractor.

The tractor is a lot of fun!
When you arrive at the park, the tractor is the first thing you see.

The biggest section of the park is the Barn. The barn is full of places to climb and explore. There are two slides that leave from the loft of the barn, and there are lots of ways to climb into the loft. We had fun climbing on pumpkins, pipes, suitcases, and farm tools. We loved how creative the barn play area was.

On each side of the barn there is a big slide!
You climb up into this loft area to go down the slides.
There are tons of different items to climb on. It was perfect for our 5 year-old!
You can climb into the barn lots of different ways, too.
The barn makes Wheadon Farm such a unique park.

There is a fun tire swing that is built to look like a hay derrick used in lifting hay on the farm. This park has a few regular swings, too. There is also a small slide for toddlers who might not want to slide down the bigger slide from the barn. Make sure to read the information signs around the park that give information about the history of the area, and the farm equipment.

The tire swing was also popular with the kids. We loved that it looked like a hay derrick.
Mom liked the signs that talked about the history of the farm.

Another highlight of this park is a fun scavenger hunt. On the back of the barn is a sign with 10 pictures. Kids can look for these 10 items hidden throughout the play area. We had a lot of fun searching for the different items as we played. We did find all 10!

These items are hidden throughout Wheadon Farm Park.
The different items to climb on like pumpkins or suitcases make the park so unique.

This park has some other great features like a huge pavilion, bathrooms, tables in the park area, and walking trails around the park. We would recommend Wheadon Farm Park for the younger crowd. It is a little bit smaller, and I think that my older boys would have run out of places to play quickly. My 5 year-old had a blast and wants to move closer to this park, so it was perfect for him. If you need a spot to visit while the big kids are at school, Wheadon Farm Park is a great choice.

There is a tiny little slide. It’s so cute. There is also lots of grass to play on, too!
You can walk or ride on different trails through the park. Some are paved, and others are dirt.
Wheadon Farm Park is another great park in Salt Lake County.

Directions: Wheadon Farm Park is located in Draper at 14125 S Bangerter Highway. Exit 1-15 on Bangerter Highway and head East. Follow the road until you see the sign for the park.

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