Shay Park Saratoga Springs

Shay Park in Saratoga Springs is an amazing park, especially for anyone who loves trains. The park is themed with a huge train shaped playground. And throughout the summer, there are free train rides. If you have a train lover in your family, you need to visit Shay Park.

Choo, Choo! Shay Park is so fun for train lovers.

Shay Park opened in Spring 2016 and is still almost like new. There are restrooms, a large pavilion, big grassy areas, and soccer goals. There is also a bridge that is fun to walk on with a good look at Utah Valley. One side leading to the the bridge is stroller friendly, while the other side has stairs leading up to the bridge.

Shay Park 3
There isn’t much shade yet because it’s brand new, but the pavilion offers a chance to get out of the sun.
Shay Park 12
A look at Shay Park from the bridge.

The best part of the park is obviously the playground. The huge train-shaped playground has lots of slides, musical instruments to play, and tons of places to climb. My boys had a lot of fun climbing underneath the playground, too. There are a few steering wheels which is important because I’m sure there will be a few kids wanting to be the train engineer.

Shay Park 1
The train theme is a lot of fun!
Shay Park 6
Woot! Woot! It looks just like a train!
Shay Park 8
There are some extra things to play with on the train, but the steering wheels were most popular.
Shay Park 9
This playground has 3 slides on the train area!

There is also another section of playground with some rocks for climbing, and even a little cave to hide inside. We noticed little animals and fossils in these rocks as we were climbing, and my three year-old was just fine to climb part of the way on the rocks. The highlight of this part of the playground is the roll slide. I don’t know what else to call it! The slide is made of bars that roll as you slide down, and my kids probably played as much on this slide as they did the entire rest of the playground.

Shay Park 2
There is another part to Shay Park that has fun climbing areas, and even more slides.
Shay Park 4
There are also some spinning toys in the playground area. This is one of them.
Shay Park 5
There are a few swings at this park, too.
Shay Park 7
The cave was fun for hiding during tag and hide-and-seek.
Shay Park 11
By far the most popular item at the park was this roll slide. My kids loved it!


Saratoga Springs definitely has another winner at Shay Park. Shay Park is located in Saratoga Springs at 358 Aspen Hills Blvd. From Redwood Road, head west on Aspen Hill Blvd, which is just north of the Saratoga Springs Wal-Mart. Follow this road straight until you reach the park! If you are in the area, you can also check out Harvest Hills Park which is just around the corner. Or you can check out Neptune Park which is a few miles away, but is a pretty amazing park, too.

Train Rides

Shay Park also has a train track, and has free train rides throughout the summer on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. Generally, the trains run from 9 am – 12 pm, but definitely check their Facebook page for up-to-date information. Check out our Shay Park train rides post for a full review and more information. We also list the current dates for train rides!

Train Ride at Shay Park


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  1. hnhaslam

    Were the miniature trains working yet? I know they weren’t quite ready when the park opened but I haven’t heard anymore about them since.

    1. Natalie

      Not yet. It didn’t look like they were very close.

    2. Shellie

      They started laying the track for the miniature ride on train today (6/11/16) The Utah Live Steamers hope to have the first loop done in about month. Watch for the opening.