Thunder Junction at Tonaquint Park St. George

Tonaquint Park in St. George added an All Abilities Park called Thunder Junction. This new park has a lot of fun activities, including a train ride. We spent an afternoon playing at Thunder Junction at Tonaquint Park, and we can’t wait to go back.


All Abilities Playground

Thunder Junction was developed for children of All Abilities, therefore the toys are developed for children who might need more help or support to play on them. The ground is also covered in soft mats instead of bark, and there are wheelchair access ramps to all the areas. We saw children of all ages, and abilities playing at this amazing park.

The rubber ground covering is so much nicer than bark.
They have a bunch of different toys. All are for different ages, sizes, and abilities.

The theme of Thunder Junction revolves around dinosaurs. There is a large volcano in the background and it “erupts” every once in awhile and smoke puffs out the top. Many of the toys are shaped like dinosaurs, and some are slides or teeter-totters. There are lots of other fun toys that aren’t specific to dinosaurs like Ziplines and big slides that my boys loved using. A large climbing wall was a big hit with the older kids at the park.

The volcano is pretty awesome. There are tables inside for picnic lunches.
My boys loved this dinosaur slide.
This climbing wall was a big hit with the 8-12 year old crowd.
The Ziplines were fun.
There is also a Zipline with a seat so that anyone can ride.
These big slides are really fun. I may have slid down a few times, too.
You climb into this treehouse play area to reach the slides.
There are shade sails over some of the toy areas, which is really nice on those hot summer days.

Splash Pad

Thunder Junction has a splash pad. Water drips out of a dinosaur fossils mouth into a small river for the children to wade in. There are also waterfalls cascading off some red rocks that you can also walk behind. So make sure to come prepared to splash and get wet. It feels wonderful in the St George summers.

This dinosaur fossil is at the entrance to the Splash Pad.
We didn’t run through the water this time, since it was early in the morning.
It is super fun to walk behind the waterfalls.
The splash pad takes up one corner of the park.

Music Area

There is a small area with some musical instruments. This area was very popular and my boys visited here more than once. There were bells and xylophones to play, as well as some simple drums. This area is on a small path away from the play area, so make sure to walk over there.

The musical instruments were a big hit. There were always people playing them.

Train Rides

The highlight of Thunder Junction is obviously the train! The train runs every 10-15 minutes and it is the only part of the park that costs money. It costs $1/person to ride this small train, but it is definitely worth it. All the proceeds go back into the park, and what child doesn’t want to ride a train? The ride goes around the park and there are tunnels and bridges to make the ride pretty fun. Check their schedule since they only run certain days and times.

The train reminded us of the train at Hogle Zoo.
You get a fun ticket for your ride on the train.
The train goes through a few tunnels, around the park, and over a bridge. It’s a great little ride!
As you cross the bridge, you get a great look at Thunder Junction park from the train.


There are a few other awesome things about this park. The huge volcano actually has picnic tables inside, which means the tables are out of the sun. There are also bathrooms available in the park. I was also impressed with all the positive signs throughout the park, as well as on the train ride. It helped create such a fun, happy environment.

Here’s a peek at the tables inside the volcano.
I loved seeing these signs all over the park. They definitely made me smile!
Thunder Junction play area
There’s no bark or sand to get caught in the roller slide.

Thunder Junction is definitely a must-stop spot for families in St. George. We could have easily stayed all day! This park is located at the Tonaquint Park at 1851 S. Dixie Drive. Tonaquint Park has another playground, walking paths, pavilions, and a nature center, which are all separate from Thunder Junction.

Thunder Junction is a great park and a fun place to spend as a family.
This is the Tonaquint Park playground on the other side of the park.
There is a sand volleyball court, and you can see the walking trails that wind through this park.

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  1. Hank McCoy

    Thunder Junction rides are great!even on 4th of July!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We definitely agree that the rides at Thunder Junction are awesome!

  2. Lorraine Begay

    Is the park open in summer of 2021. First time visitor in May or June. Looks very interesting and exciting for my grandkids.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      This park is open. We visited recently. It is a great park and so much!