East Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights Drive

We are labeling this East Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights Drive, but it is primarily in the south east area of the valley (Draper and Sandy). This drive also includes the Draper Tree of Life that you will definitely want to get out of the car to enjoy. So plan a little bit of extra time for this stop. We have listed these stops from south to north.

This drive can also be chopped right in half. The first three are close together and the second three are close together, so if you need to divide the drive into two nights, that is a great option, too. If we missed a great light display close to this route, please let us know. We love creating these light drives to help you find the best Christmas Light shows. Enjoy our East Salt Lake Valley Christmas Lights.

Stop 1: Akagi Christmas Lights

East Salt Lake Christmas Lights
Akagi Christmas Lights

This show has beautiful dancing lights. We love the Santa rocking out on the roof, and also the Santa moving in the window. There are lights all over the house and they cover the shed and driveway area. All of the lights are timed to music and the whole show is a lot of fun.

Address: 13229 Akagi Lane, Draper

East Salt Lake Christmas Lights
Make sure to look for Santa in the window!

Stop 2: Draper Tree of Light/Life

Draper Tree of Light

This tree has millions of lights that make it seem like day in the park! We love walking underneath the tree. It is awe inspiring. The rest of the park has lights all over the trees, too. It is a great stop on this light drive. You will want to park and spend some time getting close to the tree.

Address: 12500 S 1300 E, Draper

Stop 3: Smart Richardson Christmas Display

Hidden Valley Club Drive Christmas Lights
Hidden Valley Club Drive Lights or Smart Richardson Christmas Display

The lights in this show are bright and beautiful. The lights are timed very well to the music, and we always enjoy this show. You may have seen this show on a Piano Guys music video!! The toughest part of visiting is that it gets busy and there is limited parking since it is in a cul-de-sac. So you might want to visit this display on its own, or start here as soon as the show begins at 5:30 pm.

Address: 1731 E. Hidden Valley Club Drive, Sandy

Stop 4: Shoop Christmas Lights

Shoop Christmas Lights

The Shoop Christmas lights are timed to music, and feature big trees covered in lights. This house is in a cul-de-sac, too, but this time, there is good parking to watch the show. This show is a bit less elaborate than some of the bigger shows, but it is a great show to pair with some of these other lights.

Address: 9179 Granville Circle, Sandy

Stop 5: Lights on Tracy

East Salt Lake Christmas Lights
Lights on Tracy

This show has been recommended to us many times by our followers, but the night we went it was turned off for some reason. I stopped by another night, but unfortunately arrived late, so the show ended right as I got there, so this is the only picture I have. These lights are also timed to music, and we liked that they had the huge ornaments in the tree as part of the light show, too. This is a great show to visit. We hope to visit again soon and catch the full show.

Address: 8805 S. Tracy Dr, Sandy

Stop 6: Lights on Rio

East Salt Lake Christmas Lights
Lights on Rio

Just a few minutes away from Lights on Tracy, you will find Lights on Rio. This show is a little smaller, but had some great song choices and was well timed to music. The animated tree is such a fun addition to any light show. We also loved the small Nativity on display in their yard.

Address: 1983 Rio Way, Sandy

For other Christmas light ideas, you can try using one of these two maps. KSL puts out a Christmas Light map where anyone can add their house, and our friends at the Shoop Christmas lights shared this map that has been very helpful for us in finding great houses.

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