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Highland Christmas Lights | Christmas Lights For a Cure

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2021)

We found the most amazing light show in Highland! Our boys claimed it was the best show ever and they have seen a lot of Christmas light displays. We were really impressed with the amount of lights, and realized it was two homes working together. You will definitely want to check out the Christmas Lights for a Cure Highland Christmas Lights.

There are a lot of bright lights!

The light show has a lot of songs. We watched for over 30 minutes before we finally heard the first song from when we had arrived. There was a huge variety of music including silly songs, Frozen songs, and traditional Christmas songs, so everyone can enjoy the music.

This show is very impressive, even if the lights didn’t dance, which they do.

There are so many lights at the Highland Christmas light show. The whole street is colorful and lit up. There are a few trees making different patterns, too. They even have a large screen showing parts of Christmas movies, or other dancing figures. There is a ton of stuff to see.

We walked up close to the lights, too. You could hear the music from the cars.
We enjoyed these trees and pinwheels.

Probably the biggest reason why we enjoyed this show so much is that it is located across the street from a church. When we pulled up, we noticed about 20 cars all lined up watching the show. If you park at the church, you can see the whole street very well, and you also won’t block anyone else. You cannot see the screen from the parking area, so we pulled up by the screen for a few songs near the end of our watching time, but really the lights are more exciting than the screen.

Our view from the church parking lot.
There were a lot of people enjoying the show.
These lights are so impressive!

Your family will enjoy these Highland Christmas Lights. Christmas Lights for a Cure collects donations for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Check their Facebook page (or Instagram) for more details and also for current dates and times of their show. If you are looking for other Christmas lights, check out our Christmas Lights tag.


Highland Christmas Lights are located at 11671 N. Granite Flats Road in Highland. Tune to 87.9 FM.

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