A Very Merry Meridian Christmas Lights

This show will not be happening in 2023 due to family circumstances. We are so grateful for this amazing show they create and hope to see it back next year in 2024.

If you haven’t been to see A Very Merry Meridian, then you are missing out. This show is amazing!! Fair warning that this show is very popular, so there can be long waits to watch the show. There are some really fun Christmas light displays in Saratoga Springs, so we put together a whole light show drive through this city if you want to spend the evening enjoying Christmas lights. Definitely plan on a stop at A Very Merry Meridian.

The display is beautiful!

The house is quite large and is covered in lights that change to many different colors. One of our favorite parts is always the large tree that is used like a screen. There are faces or cartoons that appear on the tree and they add to the songs. The yard also has small trees and arches. We liked the screen on the house, too, because it had fun little movies during the light show. In 2021, A Very Merry Meridian even added lights all over the driveway. It made the show that much more exciting!

There is a lot to see on this Christmas Light display.
We like how they use a rainbow of colors.
The tree is so fun in this Christmas Light Display.

All of the lights in this show are timed to music. It is extra fun for our boys to watch shows that have lights dancing. A Very Merry Meridian does an excellent job of timing their lights, and it really makes the show a winner. Bright lights and fun music make this show a fun holiday adventure.

The lights dance so well to the music. They are fun to watch.

There are always a wide variety of songs, and not all are Christmas music. We have seen a Star Wars medley, a Frozen 2 song, Hamilton, Trolls, and plenty of Christmas songs, too. The show has 9 or 10 songs, so it lasts about 30 minutes. Tune your radio to 92.1 FM to listen along with the music.

A Very Merry Meridian Christmas Lights had quite a crowd of cars when we were there, so remember to be polite and park across the street from the lights and turn your headlights off. Enjoy the show!


A Very Merry Meridian Christmas Lights is located at 632 N. Meridian Drive in Saratoga Springs, Utah. Visit their Facebook page for display hours and current song playlist.

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  1. Sara

    Hey I just wanted to say thank you for your lists of Christmas things to do with kids, and for your lists of the different light displays! I am going to take my kids through the Christmas in Color display tonight and then we are going to Lehi to do all of the houses down there and in Saratoga that you’ve listed; so THANK YOU for putting in the time and energy into posting about these!!! I’m really grateful!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thank you for your kind comment. We are so glad that we have helped you find fun things to do as a family!! We hope you enjoy all the fun lights!